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Talking A/V Karma With Mainline Marketing’s Clinton Muntean

July 22, 2021
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Our first episode of the Sound Connections podcast has arrived and we couldn’t think of a more perfect person to talk with than the man himself, the President of Mainline Marketing, Clinton Muntean! Who else do you know that had a passion for music, went to school, was hired out of college to their dream job, realized they hated their dream job, didn’t know what to do next, only to wind up in a career that was perfect for them? And who is a big believer in A/V karma?

young Clinton holding a boombox

A young Clinton holding a boombox that would probably be worth some money today had he kept it

In this episode, Clinton discusses why the podcast is called Sound Connections and how the name itself was part of what made him and the rest of the team here at Mainline Marketing so excited to get this project off the ground. Making connections is part of what Mainline Marketing does every single day. We connect our brands with resellers, resellers with end-users, and end-users with brands that have the products they might not even know they need.

Clinton also dives into his backstory. After attending Full Sail University, Clinton got his dream job working for a studio editing sound for the entertainment industry. Only, he quickly realized that his dream job wasn’t all he had hoped for … After wondering what his next steps would be, he ended up getting hired at Mainline Marketing. And from there, the rest is history!

Clinton working what he thought was his dream job

Clinton working his “dream” job

Finally, Clinton explains his philosophy of A/V karma. It’s not about winning at all costs. Rather, it’s about doing your best to help others. And that philosophy has lead to Clinton having great relationships, even with competitors.

clinton accepting a NAMM foundation award from Joe Lamond and Robin Walenta for his 3 years of service on the board

Clinton accepting a NAMM foundation award from Joe Lamond and Robin Walenta for his 3 years of service on the board

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