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DAS Audio: Elevating Professional Sound Experiences

DAS Audio is committed to enhancing sound experiences with systems that are powerful, superior, and impactful. Their dedication to sonic excellence is reflected in a passionate team and innovative technology. DAS provides solutions that transcend conventional equipment, offering indispensable tools for Florida's audio professionals who demand unparalleled quality.

Innovative DAS Audio Systems & Mixers

Full System Design & Manufacturing: Since 1971, DAS Audio has been intricately crafting each component of their systems to ensure cohesive and comprehensive sound solutions.

A Family-Oriented Approach: DAS view their relationships as partnerships that extend beyond business to include friendship and family.

Global Reach, Local Impact: With roots in Valencia, Spain, and a significant presence in North America through Miami, FL, DAS Audio has a worldwide influence while maintaining a strong local connection.

Celebrating Over 50 Years of Innovation: DAS are proud of their legacy and continue to embrace progress with every step forward.

DAS LARA and SARA Speaker Systems

Live Event Pro Audio Excellence

DAS specializes in line-array systems and advanced stage monitors, designed for versatility across venue sizes. Their solutions prioritize ease of transport and quick setup, ensuring live sound quality is never compromised. Featured systems, including the LARA, SARA, Aero, and Event Series, are celebrated for their superior sound.

DAS Professional Portable PA Solutions

Professional Portable PA Solutions

DAS's portable sound systems cater to smaller venues, houses of worship, and DJ setups, offering robust and professional audio performance. The Altea, Action, and Vantec Series stand out for their ease of use and exceptional sound clarity, meeting diverse AV requirements with efficiency.

Custom DAS Audio Solutions

Tailored DAS Audio Solutions

DAS customizes audio solutions to harmonize with every setting, from intimate cafes to lively nightclubs. DAS's range of installed sound systems, including the WR, Quantum, Deco, and OVI Series, is engineered to complement the unique acoustics of any space, ensuring the finest professional audio output.

Discover Sound That Truly Resonates

Whether you're in need of dynamic speakers for live performances, versatile audio systems for your business, or comprehensive installations for your venue, our DAS Audio experts are here to guide you through our exceptional sound offerings and support services in Florida. Connect with us to elevate your audio project.