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Amplifying Florida the LEA Way

LEA elevates your performance through power, precision, and audio excellence. LEA’s professional-grade two-channel and multi-channel amplifiers for small, medium, and large-scale venues are the next generation in professional audio amplification. LEA amplifiers recognize that in professional audio, every note, every beat, and every moment is critical to a successful solution.

LEA Amplifiers: Hear the Difference

Driven By One Goal: Lea Amplifiers strives to make each of our Florida customers successful through tailored professional AV solutions.

Bold Audio Technologies: Professional audio amplifiers and software integrate cutting-edge smart technology to stand apart.

Sound Experience: A world-class support network for partners and dealers ensures optimal performance.

emPower Change: Committed to environmental sustainability. The Green Menu on Web App UI displays real-time power amplifier usage.

LEA amps

Amplifiers Bolster Your Message

LEA offers a range of product solutions for different audio applications that go beyond the traditional. That’s because all LEA amps are IoT-enabled for professional audio systems. The Network Connect Series can be controlled and monitored remotely via LEA Cloud, and includes a built-in Wi-Fi access point. The Dante Connect Series supports high-quality digital audio networking including the 1500W Connect Series for large-scale audio systems that deliver up to 1500 watts per channel.

LEA Sharkware

Sharkware Delivers Design Flexibility

LEA has developed an advanced amplifier control software based on the feedback of customers and integrators. Sharkware allows for both online and offline design work for a more flexible user experience with all LEA Professional Connect Series Amplifiers. This free software features amplifier grouping, granular user access control levels, locked speaker tunings, and graphical EQ. Reach out to our team for expert assistance on how to take advantage of LEA Sharkware software during your next installation. 

LEA Cloud

LEA Cloud Keeps You Connected

LEA Professional amplifiers stand out in the industry for their integration of Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core, enabling remote control and monitoring through the LEA Cloud Platform. This innovative approach eliminates the need for VPN connections, allowing integrators to easily connect, manage, and deploy amplifiers at any scale with secure, end-to-end encryption. Additionally, LEA Cloud supports event and fault notifications via text or email alerts, ensuring prompt response to issues, and offers Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates to keep installations up to date.

Amp Up Your AV with LEA Amplifiers

As the leading professional in IoT-enabled smart amplifiers, LEA supports professional AV systems all around the world. Contact Mainline Marketing to transform your amplifier experience.