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At Mainline, we understand the complexity and diversity of audiovisual needs. With a focus on offering expert assistance, we're here to support your AV projects in Florida. Our role is to act as a bridge between the industry's finest products and integrators, ensuring the right products are chosen and effectively utilized in any environment.

We are a trusted partner

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Our mission is to support AV integrators by providing in-depth knowledge and advice on the best audiovisual systems tailored to each unique project that not only meet but exceed end users' expectations. We understand the unique position integrators hold in the AV market, acting as pivotal partners who plan and install solutions and bring them to life. Our expertise allows us to assist in the design process, making recommendations and offering guidance to ensure the optimal selection of AV products.



Our expertise is tailored to support consultants, the architects of AV systems, who play a crucial role in designing sophisticated solutions. Our services extend beyond product knowledge; we engage in proactive collaboration with consultants, sharing insights on our products, including upcoming innovations, to ensure their designs incorporate the most advanced and suitable technologies. This partnership is built on a foundation of shared knowledge and collaboration, ensuring that consultants are well-equipped to make informed decisions.

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End Users

Central to our ethos is the unwavering focus on the end user. Whether outfitting a new educational space, upgrading the AV setup in a house of worship, or seeking to captivate audiences in a performance venue, Mainline stands ready to elevate each audiovisual journey. We strive to understand the nuances of the end user's goals, preferences, and the specific challenges any space presents. Leveraging our deep relationships with leading AV manufacturers, we offer personalized recommendations that resonate with every project's unique requirements.

The Mainline Advantage: Empowering Your AV Projects

Making Sure Your System Works for You

We offer a variety of services to support your system through installation and beyond.

Custom AV Design Recommendations

We excel in assessing the unique challenges presented by each space, guiding the choice of AV equipment to enhance functionality and performance tailored to your needs.

Interactive Demonstrations

Understanding your AV system is crucial. We provide detailed demonstrations, both virtually and in-person, to explain the functionalities and features of various systems, equipping you with the confidence to fully utilize your AV investments.

Support and Training

From site visits to training sessions, our team offers comprehensive support to ensure the successful implementation and operation of your AV systems. Our goal is to ensure that every project benefits from our manufacturers' expertise and insights.

Ongoing Technical Support

Mainline provides ongoing technical support following the completion of your installation, offering a dedicated team that ensures the success of your AV projects through expert guidance and consultative assistance. We are committed to enhancing your system's performance, streamlining your operational processes, and keeping you updated on the latest and most effective AV solutions.

Project List

Advent Health Advent Health

Advent Health

Enhancing Healthcare Communications

At Mainline Marketing, we're proud to have a longstanding relationship with Advent Health, one of the nation’s top healthcare networks. With a focus on patient satisfaction and seamless communication, Advent Health has embraced innovative technology to enhance operations. Mainline has been a key partner in this journey, working with Advent alongside their trusted integration partners to find tailored solutions and provide the latest from our manufacturers. We've collaborated on various projects, including multiple upgrades to their Executive Board Room. Advent Health now enjoys top-notch audio quality with the Shure MXA920 array microphones. We've also implemented a large Listen Technologies ListenTalk system for their internal training academy, enabling effective communication across multiple sessions. Additionally, Advent Health's Board of Trustees now benefits from the Shure MXCW system, enhancing their meeting experiences. At Mainline, we're committed to delivering exceptional AV solutions that empower our clients to achieve their goals.

American Express American Express

American Express

Helping American Express develop global AV standards

When you’re as big as American Express, finding AV technology that fits your needs everywhere can be tough — but the right partner makes it easier.

Though they have offices all over the world, one AmEx location serves as the “think tank” for the global corporation’s technology design. This office develops the technology standards that all locations will eventually adopt. And when it comes to AV, Mainline is one of their expert designers.

We offer design assistance to the AmEx team and coordinate the evaluation of different technology solutions by introducing them to our manufacturers’ products and resources and facilitating a direct line of communication with the manufacturer. Now we’re helping them take the next step in their tech evolution by identifying a global integration partner they can trust to implement new technology and maintain a high-level of consistency in all their locations across the world.

Crystal Cruise Lines Crystal Cruise Lines

Crystal Cruise Lines

Smooth sailing to a better AV console for Crystal Cruises

When Crystal Cruises was ready to upgrade the audio console on one of their vessels, they called in a few trusted experts (a local group of maritime integrators). Those trusted experts called in Mainline.

An excellent solution came to mind (the Allen & Heath dLive), but first, our experts needed to prove that it was the perfect fit. We started by hosting a product certification course during which the Crystal Cruises’ technicians and the integrator who would be tasked with the installation received hands-on training and certification. Then, to show that the system could handle even more advanced requirements, Mainline arranged a meeting between the Director of Entertainment, the integrator and an Allen & Heath technical expert. An extensive demo made it clear that the console could handle all the functions required by the cruise line — and then some. Crystal Cruises chose the dLive not just for this project, but for all vessels moving forward to guarantee a great AV experience for every passenger that sets sail.

New York Yankees (Spring Training) New York Yankees (Spring Training)

New York Yankees (Spring Training)

A Home Run at Steinbrenner Field

When the New York Yankees Spring Training venue, Steinbrenner Field, needed a facelift, Mainline Marketing stepped up to the plate. Working alongside the Consulting firm, and the Design Engineers from the Yankees chosen integration firm, Mainline revamped the audiovisual setup, enhancing the main PA system, concourse and club audio, suites, and press boxes. By recommending cutting-edge products tailored to their needs, we helped elevate Steinbrenner Field to a premier Spring Training destination. Now, fans and players alike can enjoy a top-tier experience worthy of the New York Yankees.

Full Sail Full Sail

Full Sail

Putting professional equipment into Full Sail University’s hands (and heads)

Access to industry-standard technology is one of the key selling points for students at Full Sail University. During a visit to their recording studio, a Mainline rep noticed one piece of equipment that fell short: the headphones. They were worn, torn, and since they were shared by every single student who used the 24-hour studios, they posed some hygiene concerns. Mainline had a better idea: give each student a pair of headphones to call their own.

Working with one of our manufacturers, we negotiated a deal that put high-end, pro-quality studio headphones into the hands of each student at a price that was within the University’s budget. Full Sail eventually incorporated the headphones into the Recording, Music Production, Show Production and Gaming Programs. Since the initiative began, over 36,000 pairs of headphones have been purchased, giving thousands of students access to equipment they will see and use in the real world and enabling our manufacturing partner to establish loyalty with the next generation of AV pros.

Grace Church Grace Church

Grace Church

A Sanctuary Sound Upgrade

Grace Church's journey to a state-of-the-art sound system in their new sanctuary is a testament to their commitment to excellence. After years of renting spaces, the church decided to establish a permanent home with a critical requirement: a superior audio system to honor their congregation's devotion and contemporary approach. Mainline Marketing was brought in through their long-standing integrator for this mission. Through a collaborative approach, a sound system that has elevated Grace Church’s services was deployed. In addition to speakers that perfectly meet the needs to the space, Allen & Heath's dLive series of consoles, and Shure's ULXD Digital wireless microphones are now integral parts of Grace Church's new, premium sound system and set the standard for future locations.

MacDill Air Force Base MacDill Air Force Base

MacDill Air Force Base

Navigating the complex technology needs of MacDill Air Force Base

When MacDill Air Force Base undertook the creation of a new United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Joint University Training Facility, they knew the right technology would be mission critical. That’s why the Technology Design Consultant engaged Mainline from the early stages of design.

Together, we developed a technology spec that enabled the new facility to interface with the technology infrastructure utilized on the rest of the base. We made recommendations on specific product solutions, and created a direct interface between consultant, client and manufacturer to ensure a quality system.

Once the design was in place, Mainline worked diligently with the technology integrator throughout the install. When construction delays and budget concerns affected the scope of work, we helped navigate the changes and make sure all the equipment was delivered in timely fashion. Today, the Joint University Training Facility has a system they can trust to operate in a high-pressure environment and satisfy the needs of the entire base.

Tampa Bay Lighting Tampa Bay Lighting

Tampa Bay Lighting

Elevating the Fan Experience at the Amalie Arena

As three-time Stanley Cup champions, the Tampa Bay Lightning know a thing or two about excellence on the ice. And when it comes to creating an unforgettable audiovisual experience at the Amalie Arena, they turn to Mainline Marketing. Mainline has been a trusted partner of the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Amalie Arena for years. Since 1996, we have been there every step of the way, ensuring the Lightning have the best in AV technology. From supporting their in-house AV team to designing their first full PA system upgrade, Mainline – along with the arena’s trusted integration partners – has been instrumental in helping the Lightning shine both on and off the ice. Today, the Amalie Arena boasts an extensive Shure wireless network and a cutting-edge Allen & Heath dLive system, ensuring that every fan enjoys a top-tier audiovisual experience.

Broward County Courthouse Broward County Courthouse

Broward County Courthouse

A better AV strategy for the new Broward County Courthouse

Construction was almost complete on the new Broward County Courthouse when one of our manufacturers, Listen Technologies, released a new infrared assisted listening system. Mainline knew that this technology would significantly outperform the system that had been originally specified by the project’s AV consulting firm — and it was available at a much lower price. So we contacted the project integrator to see if they and the courthouse would consider beta testing the new system. The test went so well that Broward County asked for the AV specification to be changed. Today, all 80 courtrooms feature the new Listen Technologies LT84 IR system. And our partner integrator got tremendous credit for bringing a better solution to the table just in time.

University of Central Florida University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

Bringing Assisted Listening to Every Classroom at the University of Central Florida

The Instructional Resource Department of the University of Central Florida (UCF) was issued a monumental task: retrofit every single classroom with assisted listening capability. To meet the challenge, they needed some assistance themselves. So they called Mainline.

After discussing their needs and financial considerations, we recommended an infrared (IR) solution that would provide the most effective and discreet coverage, and could be deployed in over 600 classrooms—within budget.

Together with our manufacturer, Listen Technologies, we coordinated a testing session during which the IR solution was closely scrutinized to ensure it would perform effectively under varying conditions and classroom environments. The evaluation surpassed expectations. Mainline then connected UCF with a technology integrator that we knew could manage the complex, two-year installation period. And we didn’t stop there. Mainline has continued to stay involved by bringing in the manufacturer periodically to evaluate the installation progress and ensure that the solution is living up to the needs of the University and their students.

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