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Allen & Heath: Transforming Soundscapes Across All Venues

Allen & Heath stands as a beacon of sound excellence, revered for their cutting-edge mixing desks that redefine what audio professionals and enthusiasts can expect. With a legacy of audio innovation, Allen & Heath is the top choice for live events and permanent installations in churches, theaters, schools, and more in Florida and beyond.

Top Features of Allen & Heath Mixers

Pristine Sound Quality: Dive into audio excellence with 96kHz high-resolution sound, ensuring every detail is captured.

Wireless Control: Utilize MixPad and OneMix apps for convenient mixing and monitoring anywhere.

Expansive Connectivity: Experience the flexibility of a vast I/O network ecosystem for comprehensive audio solutions.

DEEP Processing: Achieve authentic emulations with zero latency, enhancing your mix with unparalleled clarity.

Allen & Heath Mixer

Versatile Mixers for Every Setting

Allen & Heath mixers, powered by the XCVI FPGA engine, deliver crisp audio, minimal latency, and flexible routing for a variety of settings. From enriching live events to enhancing studio recordings, broadcasting, DJing, or podcasting, Allen & Heath provides the tools to lift your audio experience.

Allen & Heath Processor

Innovative Matrix Processors for Seamless Audio Management

The AHM Audio Matrix Processors exemplify versatility, offering scalable solutions for audio management in corporate, retail, hospitality, and educational settings. This ecosystem ensures flawless audio delivery, whether managing a single room or an entire campus.

Allen & Heath I/O hardware

Adaptable I/O expanders and audio network cards for Every Need

Allen & Heath's commitment to meeting diverse industry demands is evident in their extensive range of I/O hardware. Embracing the 'Everything I/O' philosophy, their equipment ensures seamless integration and broad compatibility across various setups.

Allen & Heath Personalized Mixing System

Empowering Every Performance: Allen & Heath Mixers for Any Setting

The ME Personal Mixing System puts control in the hands of the artists, allowing for detailed customization of monitor mixes with ease and reliability. Its robust design ensures it's ready to support performers wherever their music takes them.

Connect with Allen & Heath Specialists in Florida

Enhance your venue or project with Allen & Heath's premier digital mixing solutions. Mainline Marketing is here to guide and support every step of the way, from product selection to implementation, across Florida. Let us connect you with the right products and people to elevate your sound to the next level.