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Make Your Vision Shine with Absen LED Video Walls

Absen LED displays lead the industry in design, performance, and efficiency. With sophisticated manufacturing standards, Absen continues to deliver innovative products that feature sharp, small pixel pitch screens that are cost-effective, quick to install, easy to maintain, and provide the best possible experience.

Excellence in Direct View LED Walls

Wide Variety of Applications: Indoor, outdoor, virtual production, and staging screen rentals.

Superior Engineering: Team of engineers deliver solutions for your client's project.

Technical Support: Dedicated 24-hour support team worldwide.

Endless Possibilities: Wide variety of products regardless of application, size, and pixel pitch.

Use Cases for Absen LED Video Walls

Absen Education, Conferencing, and Collaboration Displays

Education, Conferencing, and Collaboration Displays

Absen offers smart education, conferencing, and collaboration solutions that integrate LED screens with various meeting room technologies. LED walls combine with electronic whiteboards, intelligent IoT platform control systems, cloud teaching resource platforms, and audio systems into one cohesive solution. The Absenicon LED display, a key product in this lineup, addresses pain points of traditional projection and LCD screens, such as small solution sizes, visible seams, the need for low-light environments, poor picture quality, and glare.
Absen Commercial Displays in an event room

Commercial Displays Across Various Industries

Absen offers a wide range of LED screens tailored for various commercial applications such as exhibitions, cruise ships, and medical facilities. These screens enhance sales and engagement by showcasing products and their branding in high definition, with interactive features for personalized experiences and digital signage. LED tiles offer versatile sizes to fit any layout, while Asben's energy-efficiency technology boosts cost savings. 

Video Wall demo

Enterprise Displays for the Highest Demands

Businesses can make an impression with eye-catching Absen video walls in their lobbies, conference rooms, and communal spaces. Absen offers a range of LED screens tailored for corporate environments that showcase products, services, and branding imagery in high-definition. Their innovative LED technology ensures seamless, reliable displays tailored to unique dimensions and shapes, with endless customization opportunities. Energy-efficient and long-lasting, Absen's displays are a worthwhile investment that reduce environmental impact.
Broadcast room with video wall

Broadcast Displays Proudly Carry Your Signal

Absen's LED displays are known for their vibrant, high-definition visuals and strong impact. These displays offer high contrast, fast response speeds, and high refresh rates, meeting the demands of high-speed motion image display required in broadcasting and event production. Curved and angled surfaces are available to present wide perspectives and delicate graphics, rich layers, and accurate color reproduction. With high brightness and a wide color gamut, these displays are adaptable to various ambient light conditions and offer brilliant colors, making them ideal for broadcasting and television stations.

Sports Arena

Sporting Arena Displays Bring Out Every Detail

Absen's LED displays enhance the spectator experience in outdoor stadiums and indoor arenas for various sports events. Whether it's for a tennis court or football field, Absen's outdoor video walls include integrated solutions and control devices ideal for stadiums worldwide. These displays attract fans, enliven the scene, and allow all viewers to see clearly as they're checking the latest replay. Plus, video walls generate significant advertising revenue. With industry-leading technical advantages, Absen's sports LED displays are versatile for center hung, ribbon, entrance, and perimeter displays, elevating the spectacle for audiences.

Looking for Absen Display Support in Florida?

Since 2001, Absen has manufactured reliable LED video wall solutions covering indoor, outdoor, and rental applications with best-in-class performance. Let us help you find the right AV solution for you! Contact Mainline Marketing in the Orlando area to bring LED video walls to your business today.