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Connect Your World with Hosa Technology Cables

In an AV world driven by connections, Hosa has long stood as the bridge between passion and performance. With precision and innovation in mind, Hosa crafts cables and accessories that bring music, audio, and creative endeavors to life. Hosa products are the conduit of precision, ensuring that signals are clear, the tone is rich, and performances are flawless. Enthusiasts and professionals in Florida rely upon Hosa Technology cables from Mainline Marketing in Orange County, FL to deliver world-class performance and value—both on the stage and in the studio.

Why Hosa Technology Cables?

Made to Last: Hosa Technology guarantees its cables and adaptors will last you a lifetime.

Trusted Since 1984: Hosa has built a strong reputation among musicians and audio professionals because of the expertise and reliability associated with the brand.

People First: Hosa Technology is known for putting people first through community engagement, an employee-centric culture, value-driven leadership, and a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

We Connect It All: Hosa has the connection you need at a price that fits your budget.

Hosa Technology Production Cables

Production Cables Provide a Digital Bridge

Hosa offers audio and video cables designed to interconnect various applications, such as analog and digital audio, data, and power. These high-quality cables are designed with durability, reliability, and compatibility in mind. Hosa utilizes a wide range of connectors and formats with proprietary technologies and designs that enhance their performance and functionality of your components. Whether you need 5 ft or 25 ft cables, Hosa has the solution you need.

Hosa Technology Audio Electronics

Audio Electronics Provide a Helping Hand

Hosa’s electronic lineup includes analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, USB interfaces, passive and active DI boxes, headphone amplifiers, and Bluetooth interfaces to enhance workflow efficiency and convenience. They also offer signal processors like splitters, isolators, and hum eliminators to optimize audio signals and minimize interference.

Hosa Technology Accesory

Instrument Accessories Meet Your Needs

All equipment needs a trusted support system. From stands and racks to bags and cases, Hosa has a wide range of products that support your needs. Hosa stands and racks are designed with both portability and reliability in mind. They feature a lightweight design for easy transport while maintaining sturdy frames and adjustment levers for dependable use. Hosa's bags range from small drum bags for your percussion essentials to guitar bags that offer a range of carrying styles.

Where to Find Hosa Technology Support in Florida

Whether you’re an AV integrator or audio enthusiast, Mainline Marketing in the Orlando, FL area is your dedicated Hosa Technology expert. We have strong manufacturer relationships with Hosa and can provide all the products your business needs.

Get directions here and contact us to chat or speak with a member of our team today!