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Make a Stand with König and Meyer

König & Meyer does more than craft stands and accessories. Here, solutions are sculpted to elevate performances and enrich people’s passion for music. Established over 70 years ago, König & Meyer is now the world's leading provider of music stands, microphone and instrument stands, speaker stands, seats, and accessories for lighting, sound, and studio technology.

Why Choose König and Meyer Music Stands?

Family Operated: König & Meyer’s family-run company stays stringently committed to being a socially responsible and innovative manufacturer.

Made In Germany: Manufacturing close to the source allows for total commitment to quality.

König & Meyer Guarantee: All products include a 5-year guarantee, and replacement part service on all catalog products for 10 years.

Environmental Protection: Decades-long commitment to protecting the environment through sustainable production and efficient use of resources.

König & Meyer speaker stands

Speaker Stands Customized for Any Application

Designed to be lightweight yet durable, König & Meyer speaker stands hold up as an industry-leading product that ensures stability and safety. With adjustable height and angle mechanisms, such as clamping levers, hand cranks, locking pins, and ring locks, these speaker stands allow for easy and precise speaker positioning. The product line includes a variety of distance rods, adapters, base plates, and speaker stands of all shapes and sizes.

König & Meyer microphone stand

Support and Protect your Musical Instruments

Manufactured for any musical scenario, König & Meyer microphone stands incorporate durable and lightweight materials making them easy to position. As the speaker stands, there are different types of locking mechanisms and ways to adjust the height and angle of the stands. Along with standard straight pole stands, there are a variety of boom, table, and fishing pole stands.

König & Meyer instrument stand

Instrument Stands Protect Your Music Gear

König & Meyer instrument stands are renowned for their exceptional quality and innovative design. Crafted with precision engineering, these stands provide sturdy and reliable support for a variety of musical instruments, including guitars, keyboards, and microphones. With a focus on durability and ease of use, König & Meyer stands are the top choice for musicians seeking reliable support for their instruments.

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