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Weekly A/V News: The A&H Director has arrived, Shure Keeps it Clean, and more!

March 22, 2021
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Since we know you spent most of last week getting your (now) completely busted March Madness brackets filled in, here’s a look at the A/V News you might have missed:

Allen & Heath has released an awesome new Firmware V1.1 for the Avantis digital mixer. New FX, new routing and patching options, and even remote control of the mixer is now all possible! Check out this video on their Facebook page for an overview!


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Looking to podcast from home? Check out our quick, 3-minute video on how to maximize your setup.


Which mic stand is right for you? Find out in 5 easy steps from König & Meyer.


Getting spooked with a tough spectral environment? Who you gonna call? Shure Axient Digital!


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In fact, Shure’s Axient Digital Wireless System and Microphones were featured heavily during the 63rd Grammy Awards. Make sure to check out those performances by Dua Lipa and Bruno Mars! 🔥🔥🔥


Smartphones are getting better and better. QSC is offering a series of videos showing how you can make a music video with just a smartphone and Touchmix.


“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Here’s Shure sending some love back to “Time Alone With You” singer, Jacob Collier, who said the SM58 was a key part of his early recordings.


Think A/V systems are complicated and expensive? False. Or at least, they don’t have to be.


Some might find this intimidating. Others a challenge. Professionals call it “Tuesday.”


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Be still, our beating heart.


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Incredible artists, unique locations, live performances, AND behind-the-scenes interviews? Sign us up!


Livestreamed performances are here to stay. See how a theatre in Norway uses Allen & Heath’s dLive to make their livestreams must-see events.


Technology has been helping schools and the education market adapt to a hybrid learning model, and Listen Tech has been right there leading the charge.


Listen Technologies also makes the more traditional elements of schools better, like campus tours.


Our friends at DAS Audio just recently finished installing an incredible sound system at the Jolly Joker Kartal in Istanbul. It’s almost time for concerts again!


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This Drum Tool from K&M reminds us of the Swiss Army Knife we got as a gift when we were younger. Only instead of a dull blade and a broken bottle opener, this thing has everything you need to put a drum kit together. Score!


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You made sure that your conference room is filled with the best of the best. Now Shure wants to make sure you know how to keep it all clean!


Then, if you’re ready to optimize your conference room for the now (in the event you haven’t already), take a look at What Every Modern Conference Room Needs:


We’re recently coming off of the House of Worship Tech Tour, where we helped to inform houses of worship about the technology and products that are perfect for their needs. We had a great time and love the positivity and connections we made along the way. Thank you to everyone involved!

The Leeds Grand Theatre & Opera House is a major Victorian theatre built in 1878 and has featured performances from the likes of Laurence Olivier and Julie Andrews. And when they needed to upgrade their audio system, they turned to the Q-SYS Ecosystem.

And finally, we leave you this week with a preview of the world’s first native 4k single-chip projector. World, get ready to meet the Barco F400 Projector.


See you next week!

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