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Assistive Listening Systems: ADA Compliance in Noisy Venues

Excessive noise in the office, a businessman tries to be quiet, a man tries to concentrate on work, is disturbed by colleagues in the office, an Asian uses a laptop at work, nervous and angry.

Nearly 15% of the world’s population has hearing loss, with 466 million people suffering from ‘disabling’ hearing loss. For these individuals, noisy environments are problematic. Not being able to hear well in noisy venues can feel frustrating and isolating.

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Allen & Heath AHM Series: All You Need to Know

4 AHM 16 32 64 Stacked clean

The AHM series of audio matrix processors from Allen & Heath offers a range of versatile and powerful solutions for a variety of audio applications. With a range of scalable I/O, control, and Dante solutions, the AHM family is an ideal selection for sound systems in any sized space, from a single room to expansive multi-room installations, and its price-performance ratio is incomparable.

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Room Designs with the Shure Stem Ecosystem

Stem Ecosystem Large Meeting Room

Designing a room for a complete audio-visual experience can take time and effort. If done wrong, it can be a nuisance for all attendees!

How do you ensure all devices are compatible and work seamlessly together? The Shure Stem Ecosystem provides a customizable audio experience that is not only flexible but also easy to manage. Interested to learn more? Read on!

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Shure Stem Ecosystem – What’s New in Firmware Update 2.5?

Stem Ecosystem Small Huddle Room 07

The Stem Ecosystem is built on the belief that collaboration spaces are a game changer for the future of work. The latest firmware update, version 2.5, ensures the Stem Ecosystem is an unrivaled audio solution for any collaborative or meeting space. The six hardware components that make up the Stem Ecosystem platform can be paired with robust ecosystem software to provide anyone with an audio solution that in-house IT teams can customize and install with minimal effort.

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