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Weekly A/V News: Singing In The Streets With Spielberg And Axient Digital

December 15, 2021
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Time to get caught up on all things A/V you might have missed over the last few weeks!

If Shure Axient Digital is good enough for Steven Spielberg to use on West Side Story, it’s good enough for any project.


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If you work in Higher Education and you aren’t signed up for QSC Rewards yet, you’re basically leaving free stuff on the table!

We love it when new toys get released. Check out the newest TSC Series touch screen controllers from QSC!

Here’s a great way to make sure your Pliant Technologies equipment can handle the weather, even some seriously localized downpours!

Choosing the right RF Antenna can be tricky. This guide from Listen Technologies should help make things easier.

This is very cool! Students in Kenya are getting to learn music production skills using Shure products.

Allen & Heath have several different products that not only are powerful enough to be used for the biggest shows, but they are portable too!

Here we have Nexus Christian Fellowship choosing an Allen & Heath Avantis and SQ-6 for their latest install.

It looks like the latest recording for the QSC TouchMix Sessions was very colorful!


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Salamander Designs creates furniture that is actually designed for all of your AV tech. It’s amazing how great everything can be just from optimizing your furniture!

DAS Audio has several great new programs that are sure to make your lives a lot easier. Check them out!

This is a very interesting peak into the future with Barco and a fully-immersive Experience Room for what’s to come with Control Rooms.

And here’s Barco again reading the tea leaves, this time about how visualization in a building’s lobby will be an important way to make an impression about your brand.

Hall Technologies is on the move! Don’t worry though, despite the move to Texas most Hall Technologies products are in stock and ready to ship.

Keeping a child’s play area neat and organized is no easy task! Job well done Hosa.


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Testing out an audio mix on three different sets of speakers? Or need to switch between three sets of inputs for one pair of monitors? The SLW-333 Audio Switcher from Hosa is the answer!

I for one would not be upset at all if some Shure merch made it into my Christmas stocking. I even asked Santa for an SM7B.

With the Shure Stem Ecosystem, it is easier than ever to plan, manage, and grow your collaborative spaces.

That’s it, you’re all caught up! See you next week!

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