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Weekly A/V News: Shure Wants You to Not Be “That Guy”

September 27, 2021
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Time to get caught up on all things A/V you might have missed over the last few weeks!

The latest update to Shure’s IntelliMix Room brings us the AI Denoiser. It can knock out unwanted noise from your meetings. It works so well that you really have to see it, or hear it, to believe it.

Keep in mind that in this context the Famous Gold Watch is a German music studio and not the retirement gift your grandfather received after working at the same company for 25 years.

Shure is partnering up with arguably the most famous beard in the voiceover industry for a new video series. In this first episode, The Voiceover Beard breaks down and compares the SM27, SM7B, and VP82 mics.

The latest team-up from Shure sees the Chicago-based company doing their part to support aspiring Latin American musicians with weekly broadcasts, an online educational workshop, and a series of contests.

It’s almost smart to have a couple of Shure Beta 52As around. These were designed specifically for kick drums and other bass instruments that offer studio level sound, but is sturdy enough to handle the rigors of the road.


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DJ Mad Mardigan performs for the Timberwolves and Vikings, among many other high profile gigs. Here he is ready to rock with QSC speakers and Shure wireless mics!


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Read up on how Q-SYS was able to help transform the Veritas Southeast Asian headquarters in a way that allowed for easy automation while still allowing for users to use their own devices.

The Allen & Heath SQ consoles can do it all, allowing for both livestreaming and recording.

The Avantis from Allen & Heath has two I/O Ports, which allow you to install any of the current dLive option cards including Dante, Waves, gigaACE, MADI, and more!


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Check out this compact dLive setup for the Young’uns and Jack Rutter tour.


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If you enjoy going to the movie theater, the folks at Barco are a big reason for that thanks to their incredible digital cinema projectors.

Oh, no big deal. Just the largest company in the world implementing weConnect from Barco to help train their workforce.

Wow. After looking at these pictures we now need to add “visiting the DAS factory” to our bucket list.

After a year of schools scrambling to use whatever tech was available to assist in educating students, Hall Technologies is ready to help educators plan and choose the right products for their needs.

As you wait for InfoComm, you can check out some of the InfoComm Sneak Peek sessions like The Classroom of the Future with Hall Technologies’ Ken Eagle.

Listen Technologies works to make life better for those suffering from hearing loss, but preventing hearing loss in the first place is always the best option.

Pliant Technologies is making it easier than ever to communicate, especially now that you can add additional users by connecting a MicroCom XR system to a variety of wired and wireless intercom systems using an industry-strandard 4-wire connection.

Salamander Designs is the final piece to modernizing your working space and making sure you get the most out of your technology.

Musicians everywhere trust SKB Cases to make sure their instruments and gear get to their next gig in one piece.


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That’s it, you’re all caught up! See you next week!

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