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Weekly A/V News: See What Shure Puts All Of Their Products Through During Testing

August 3, 2021
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Time to get caught up on all things A/V you might have missed over the last few weeks!

Guest starring in yet another music video, we have the AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Cancelling headphones from Shure!

Seeing that many QSC speakers in one place just feels right.

Fans of microphone history will enjoy the latest article from Shure historian Michael Pettersen, who dives into the company’s history with ribbon microphones.

And if you liked that, then you’ll love this video about how Shure tests their products.

We’re in the second week of binging sports events like swimming, gymnastics, and track & field thanks to the Olympics. Read up on how Allen & Heath is handling all of the sound for the upcoming 2021 National Games of China.

Barco recently wrapped up at InfoComm China. Don’t miss out on InfoComm when it comes to Orlando in October!

“Honey, I have to go and scope out this award-winning installation of DAS Audio products. Yes, it’s for work. And it just so happens to be at Miami’s hottest nightclub… Don’t wait up.”

Houses of worship had been dabbling in live streaming for years, but the pandemic pushed everyone into the online game practically overnight. Listen Technologies shared this post looking into whether people will return to in-person worship, or is live streaming here to stay?

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, QSC speakers sound amazing!

But QSC is a lot more than just speakers. Their Q-SYS ecosystem is key for so many businesses.

Speaking of businesses, camera placement is a big component of your video conferences. Most offices have to put the camera either above the display or below it. Salamander Designs asks, why not in the middle so you can actually make eye contact with the people you’re speaking with?

SKB Cases allow you to MacGyver a solution to hold all of your gear inside the case, and still know that the gear will be protected from the outside.

ProSoundWeb Live Sound International is out with a look at some of the newest products from Allen & Heath!

Last month Allen & Heath held their virtual All Install event, and now many of those online sessions are available for you to watch online.

Check out this great blog post from Barco about how adding a presentation switcher to your auditorium is an easy way to increase the wow factor of your guests’ experience and still be easy for everyone to set up and use.

Having bad audio during your video meetings is like showing up to the office with a wrinkled shirt. Think of the Shure MV5C as the best iron you’ve ever had.


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No matter how good you are at setting your mic levels, you can’t expect to talk at the exact same volume throughout your podcast or live stream. With the Auto Level Mode on the Shure MV7, you don’t wave to worry about it anymore. Your levels will be adjusted in real-time.


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The Allen & Heath CTi1500 is so small and lightweight it must have been inspired by the phrase “good things come in small packages”.


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The best shows have to rely on the best equipment, like Allen & Heath’s dLive digital mixer.


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Working with RF signals can get complicated quickly. But Professional Wireless Systems makes it a lot easier.

The latest feature profile from SoundGirls.org is out now! And if you want to hear more from the SoundGirls, we’re interviewing them on our next episode of the Sound Connections Podcast, which comes out this Thursday.

Shure has several different solutions to make hybrid learning easy and effective.

Where does your conference room audio rank? Shure can help you get that great audio you need.

That’s it, you’re all caught up! See you next week!

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