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Weekly A/V News: Hall Technologies Predicts the Future

March 30, 2022
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Time to get caught up on all things A/V you might have missed over the last week!

Did you see that Shure’s IntelliMix Room is now certified to work with Microsoft Teams with the Lenovo ThinkSmart Core?

And the Shure Stem Ecosystem is designed to effortlessly bring powerful audio to your next video conference.

Hall Technologies is taking a peek into the future and making their classroom tech predictions.

Now THAT is a cool looking stage, surrounded by amazing DAS Audio speakers.


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If you’re not sold on the portability of the Allen & Heath dLive system yet, you need to check out this post.

COVID has changed a lot over the past several years. But did it change the way we use Allen & Heath products?

Flat-screen displays mounted onto the wall look incredible, but it can be hard to manage all of the wires and cables. Lowell Manufacturing solved that problem.

Pliant Technologies has revealed how they managed to still provide perfect communication in the challenging RF environment of Super Bowl LVI.

Have an iOS, Android, or Windows device? Then you can run SQ MixPad which you can use for extra control of your SQ-mixer.


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Hosa Tech has embraced the new math, allowing you to power 4 guitar pedals with a single power supply.


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The next time you go into the studio, make sure you grab a Shure KSM mic.

Listen Technologies shared this article from AV Network discussing a common disorder found throughout the AV Industry: noise-induced hearing loss.

You know it’s a big show when you see TWO dLive Surfaces at the concert.


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And last but not least this week here’s a case study from Blinn College in Texas and how they were able to quickly switch to hybrid learning thanks to Shure.

That’s it, you’re all caught up! See you next week!

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