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Salamander Designs Offers AV Furniture for Everyone

December 27, 2021
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The office is changing drastically, even the furniture. Salamander Designs offers the perfect balance between form and function for your AV technology furniture. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, or you’ve already gotten brand-new tech, you’ll want Salamander Designs’ premium furniture to tie it all together. See for yourself why Salamander Designs has become the go-to brand for architects, designers, and AV/IT integrators all over the world.

What Is AV Technology Furniture?

Technology is an integral part of the modern office. Many employees are working from home or in remote offices, and clients can be scattered all across the globe. New technologies enable everyone to work efficiently and as a team. Cameras, microphones, speakers, displays … all must be utilized to succeed. But that raises its own set of challenges.

Where do the displays go? Is the camera able to be mounted in a spot where it can see everyone who needs to be included in the meeting? Will wires be strung all across the room?

AV technology furniture solves all of those problems and more. The furniture offers easy ways to mount your displays, without having to drill into any existing walls. The cameras can be placed exactly where they need to be, often directly above or below the display. Your microphones and speakers can be accounted for in the furniture. All of the pieces of technology needed to make your AV system run will have a discreet home right inside the furniture itself. Wire management allows wires and cables to get to where they need to be, without being visible or becoming a danger to employees and guests who might trip on them. Even the airflow has been considered, with the ability to disperse the heat generated by the technology.

Salamander Designs offers several different types of furniture to choose from, including cabinets, wall mounts, wall stands, conference room tables, huddle room tables, and even mobile carts to create a setup that can be easily wheeled from one location to another!

large conference room mock up using Salamander Design AV technology furniture

How Does AV Furniture Benefit Both Integrators and End Users?

The main reasons to upgrade your AV equipment can be boiled down to two simple points: to improve productivity and increase efficiency. And you’ll see maximum bumps to both if you pair that new technology with customized furniture designed to get the most out of your AV equipment.

Salamander’s design team will match your high-tech electronics to guarantee the furniture is optimized to work with your equipment – whether you need furniture for a small 2-person huddle room, a large executive board room, or even mobile carts that can be rolled from room to room.

Salamander Designs helps cut down on both time and money during construction and installation. There’s no need to worry about reinforcing the walls to mount large displays, or running power to a specific spot halfway up a wall. Even cable management is made easier with Salamander’s furniture thanks to the full wire management capabilities. And the furniture is designed to provide a lifetime value, able to be upgraded and retrofitted whenever necessary, as new technology is introduced.

Once the furniture has been installed along with all of the technology, it is easier than ever for end-users to use their new AV products to their fullest. Laptops and devices can quickly and easily be connected. And retractable cables help keep a clean and professional look, making sure the furniture doesn’t get cluttered.

Small huddle room using Salamander Designs AV Technology furniture

Who Are Salamander Designs?

Salamander Designs grew out of an idea from the early 1990s. Salvatore Carrabba wanted to find furniture for his home entertainment system that would not only work for his current equipment but be flexible enough to accommodate his entire entertainment system as it changed over the years. When he realized there weren’t any products like that on the market, he decided to make one. And for the past 30 years, Salamander Designs has been the leader in the electronics furniture marketplace. Salamander’s AV furniture is built with a precision-engineered aluminum frame, all hand-made, and built to order in the USA.

How Do You Get Custom Furniture From Salamander?

Whether you are looking to better utilize your existing AV technology, or are in the process of upgrading your entire system, there’s no better time to start working with Salamander Designs than now. Contact us at Mainline Marketing for guidance on what is best for you and your company, and to get you connected with the right people to make it happen.

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