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Finding the QSC Speaker That is Right for You

January 26, 2021
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QSC is one of the most trusted brand names when it comes to speakers. Year after year, when you review rankings for the best speakers at various price levels, QSC has an option that is either at, or near, the top of the list. We could simply say “Buy the best QSC speaker you can afford!” and call it a day, but where’s the fun in that?

All kidding aside, the truth is that—regardless of your needs—there is a QSC speaker out there for you. Actually, chances are there are multiple QSC speakers out there for you, perfect for whatever budget you might have.


CP Series

If you are looking for a portable powered loudspeaker with incredible, professional sound at an amazing price, look no further than the QSC CP Series loudspeakers. With these speakers, you get everything that QSC is famous for, at an entry-level price.

QSC CP Series family of speakersThere are two speakers in the CP Series, the CP8 and the CP12. Both speakers feature 1000-watt amplifiers powerful enough to fill small- and medium-sized rooms.

Both feature a total of three inputs: two XLR /  ¼ inch combo sockets and a 3.5mm jack input. A Mic Boost button instantly provides +25dB of clean gain when needed. There’s also a switch to change the contour of the sound through several presets, which include Speech, Dance, and Floor Monitor.

Lastly, an XLR post gain output allows you to easily daisy-chain multiple speakers together. The speakers can be pole-mounted, used as a floor monitor, or even yoke-mounted. And both speakers are light enough to be extremely portable, carried in a tote bag from gig to gig.

QSC CP8 speaker with microphone for live gig

The CP Series speakers are perfect for mobile DJs, musicians and bands; houses of worship; and any other application where great clean audio is needed at an affordable price.


K.2 Series

Next up is the QSC K.2 Series. These powered loudspeakers are billed as “the next standard,” and it’s easy to see why! These are 2000-watt speakers that can do everything the CP Series does, just better.QSC K.2 Series family of speakersJust like the CP Series, there are three different inputs. Line A is a combo XLR /  ¼ inch mic/line input. Line B is another combo XLR /  ¼ input, only this one is a Hi-Z/Line input, which means you can plug instruments like a guitar in. And Line C is a 3.5mm Jack, allowing for the connection of music players. Unlike the CP Series loudspeakers, you can independently adjust the gain on Line C. QSC K8.2 speaker rearThe K.2 Series loudspeakers also come with the ability to save your settings as different Scenes. Save everything from your inputs to your EQ (and even effects like delay and frequency contour) to make the next setup a breeze.

The three models in this series are the K10.2, the K12.2, and the slightly smaller K8.2, which is comparable to the CP8. (Both are 8-inch speakers, but the K8.2 gets all the upgrades and is only 6 pounds heavier than the CP8. That means it is still just as easy to transport from gig to gig!)

DJ performing using QSC K.2 speaker

The QSC K.2 Series of loudspeakers are perfect for musicians and bands, mobile DJs, and houses of worship who want higher quality sound and have a slightly larger budget.

E Series

You’ll want to use the QSC E Series loudspeakers when you need to really bring some power to your audio. If you’ve got a large space to fill, or just need to turn it up to 11, the E Series can get the job done. These speakers were designed with live entertainment in mind, from live music to DJ and dance music, even karaoke.

QSC E110 speaker from the QSC E Series familyThere are multiple sizes of loudspeakers in the E Series, ranging in size from the 10-inch E110 to the 15-inch E115. And when that’s not enough there’s even the E215, which features dual 15-inch 500-watt continuous woofers! Looking to add some rumble to your sound? The E118sw and E218sw are powerful subwoofers that pair up with any of the E series loudspeakers.

QSC E218SW loudspeaker from the QSC E Series family

The biggest difference between the E Series and the products we highlighted above is that these are passive loudspeakers, which means they need a power amplifier to work properly.

You can use the E Series loudspeakers with any professional power amplifier, but these speakers come alive when you pair them with the complete E Series Entertainment System. Combine two E110 loudspeakers with a GXD Processing Amplifier for a compact setup, great for smaller settings or when you are on the go. Or take the E115s, add in some E118sw Subwoofers, and a PLD Series Processing Amplifier when you want high energy and punchy lows for a full dance floor.QSC GXD4 amplifier, can be used with QSC E Series passive loudspeakers The QSC E Series is perfect for live bands who need more sound, DJs who want to bring high energy to larger venues, and small- to mid-sized venues who want to install a system for incredible and consistent sound.


KLA Series

Think back to some of the big concerts you’ve been to. Remember the stacks of speakers suspended above the stage, filling the air with crystal-clear audio? That’s the QSC KLA Series in a nutshell.

band performing using QSC KLA12 stacked loudspeakers

The series is incredibly simple, and yet wildly powerful. There is one just loudspeaker, the KLA12, and a single subwoofer, the KLA181. That’s it. But don’t let the lack of options fool you. This is an incredibly powerful and versatile speaker system, designed to deliver only the highest-quality audio.

The KLA12 is a 12-inch speaker, designed to either sit on the floor or be suspended above the crowd. The KLA Series is a Line Array series, meaning multiple speakers connect to provide a wall of sound. While it might seem like you need a team of engineers to set this up, installation is incredibly simple! The speakers connect to each other, and to the KLA181 subwoofer, with a simple hook—no tools required. QSC KLA12 loudspeaker, part of QSC KLA Series

When stacked on the ground, up to two KLA12 speakers can be pole-mounted over the KLA181 subwoofer. When flown above the stage, a maximum of five speakers and two subwoofers can be combined.

two stacked QSC KLA12 loudspeakers setup for live band performance outside

The QSC KLA Line Array Series is ideal for medium- to large-size venues, and larger houses of worship where providing clear audio to a large crowd is imperative.


QSC AcousticDesign Series

So far, we’ve focused on speakers that were made with live entertainment in mind. But you don’t have to be a musician or DJ to want quality audio. And while many of the previous speakers mentioned will work in a wide variety of applications, QSC has even more products that deliver high-quality audio anywhere you need it.

QSC AcousticDesign AD-S5T family

We could go on and on about the various models and how each one is unique, but to give you a sense of the wide variety of options available, we’ll just look at the AcousticDesign Series of speakers.

This line includes Surface Mount speakers that can be installed practically anywhere, Ceiling Mount speakers that blend in to drop and hard surface ceilings, and Pendant Mount and Column Surface-Mount speakers to guarantee that whatever space you have can be covered with world-class audio.

QSC AcousticDesign Series AD-S.SAT satellite loudspeaker with wall mount

These aesthetically pleasing speakers are designed to withstand the elements too, versatile enough to be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. AcousticDesign speakers are easy to install and integrate seamlessly within the Q-SYS Ecosystem.

The QSC AcousticDesign Series is perfect for restaurants, classrooms, businesses, conference rooms, and so much more.


Let Us Help You

Regardless of budget, and regardless of need, there’s a QSC speaker out there that is right for you. And if you need some help finding the perfect product, let us here at Mainline Marketing help!

We have experience setting up everything from speakers to projection systems to video conferencing and have worked with some of the biggest corporations, schools, stadiums, and theaters in the state of Florida and Puerto Rico.

Let us help you get set up with a system that is exactly what you need. And if you want to come and check out some of these speakers up close, make an appointment to visit our Experience Center!

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