Transforming Audio-Visual Engagement with Innovative Solutions

Kramer is a global leader in cutting-edge audio-visual technology that elevates creativity, collaboration, and communication. Founded over four decades ago and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Kramer has consistently delivered groundbreaking solutions in signal management, cloud-based communication, room control, and AVoIP, among other areas. Whether it’s for a boardroom meeting across continents or a live event in your local community, Kramer technology transcends boundaries and connects people like never before.

Where Technology Meets Imagination

  • Global Reach, Local ImpactWherever you are, Kramer is there to serve your A/V needs
  • Comprehensive PortfolioCutting-edge solutions, from signal management to room control and AVoIP
  • Guaranteed SatisfactionGlobal warranty on all products along with friendly and knowledgeable tech support
  • Industry-Specific SolutionsSpecialized solutions for education, enterprise, entertainment, healthcare, and more

Four Decades of Innovation and Technology

Since its inception, Kramer has been on a relentless quest to break down walls and bridge gaps in communication, all while shaping the future of audio-visual engagement technology. In an era that has seen dramatic leaps from dial-up signals to ubiquitous global connectivity, Kramer has always been at the forefront of what’s next. Their ethos centers on the belief that technology should amplify the human experience, not hinder it. No matter how “hybrid” our world becomes, the desire for genuine, human connection remains steadfast. It’s this principle that drives Kramer’s continuous innovation. Offering intuitive, seamless solutions, they create more engaging, inclusive, and connected experiences—whether you’re face-to-face, down the hall, or oceans apart. Kramer is not just a brand; it’s a global revolution in audio-visual experiences, proving that the quality of human connection is amplified by the technology that powers it.