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Sound Powerful | Sound Legendary

Klipsch Professional series speakers are built to last and are backed by more than 70 years of Klipsch signature acoustic technology. Whether it’s for a cinema or distributed audio system, Klipsch Professional series speakers will bring your business to an entirely new level. What started with Paul Klipschs’ revolutionary spirit in 1946, lives on today in every hyper-efficient Klipsch product designed and engineered in-house by the most talented, skilled, and passionate people in the industry.

The Four Principles of Klipsch Audio Speakers

High Efficiency/Low Distortion: Delivers precise, clear audio using less power.

Controlled Directivity: Channels sound precisely, conserving acoustic energy where it's unnecessary.

Wide Dynamic Range: Soft sounds are distinct and loud sounds remain undistorted.

Controlled Frequency Response: faithfully replicates recorded sound without altering its natural tone.

Klipsch speakers for distributed audio systems

Distributed Audio

Klipsch speakers for distributed audio systems enhance live music, announcements, and paging. These units are simple to install, adjust, and can be integrated seamlessly into both new and existing setups. They feature multi-tap transformers suitable for 70/100-volt systems and employ horn-loaded technology for consistent sound coverage. Models include the IC-525-T, KPH-525, IC-650-T, and KPH-650.

Klipsch cinema speakers

Cinema Sound Systems

Klipsch cinema speakers deliver robust, dynamic, and captivating sound to elevate the movie-watching experience. These speakers are encased in sturdy and stylish cabinets and are equipped with horn-loaded drivers that ensure high efficiency, minimal distortion, and vibrant sound quality. They come in various models to accommodate different theater sizes and sound system formats, including the KPT-1802-HLS, KPT-418-SW, KPT-684-SW, and KPT-305.

Klipsch Landscape Speaker

Landscape Speakers

Klipsch presents a variety of outdoor speakers that seamlessly blend into any landscape while providing superior sound quality. Featuring Klipsch’s proprietary Tractrix horn technology, these speakers deliver a broad and engaging soundstage with high efficiency and low distortion, ideal for any outdoor setting. The lineup includes the PRO-650T-LS, PRO-500-T-RK, and PRO-12SW-LS.

Do you want to sound legendary?

Klipsch Professional speakers deliver robust sound through horn-loaded technology, durable weatherproof cabinets, and various subwoofer choices. Reach out to us for Klipsch commercial support services and to connect with an Authorized Dealer in Florida.