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Datavideo: Broadcast & Live Event Solutions

Datavideo is a go-to manufacturer of cutting-edge video equipment for broadcast, AV, and live event industries, known for pioneering future video technologies with a commitment to quality and reliability. They offer dedicated solutions for live video production in Florida, transforming the video and audio content experience. Datavideo's innovative solutions cater to various applications, from hybrid events to school settings, with user-friendly Pro AV system interfaces.

End-to-End Production Solutions by Datavideo

Seamless Integration: Datavideo's products are designed to be easy to use and work together.

Streamlined Workflows: Allow creators to focus on capturing stunning content every time.

Flexibility: Make it easy for creators to seamlessly expand their capabilities as their needs evolve.

Connectivity: A range of connectivity options for various production and live streaming environments allow for a wide range of applications.

Datavideo Production Cameras

Production Cameras for High-Quality Visions

DataVideo’s innovative professional and versatile cameras enhance any live production or worship service. Its high-quality POV and PTZ cameras offer formats for HDBaseT, HD/SD, and NDI, and feature tracking capabilities and tally lights. From education to sporting events and conferences, DataVideo has the best solution. 4K cameras include the PTC-180, PTC-185, PTC-140, and BC Series cameras.

Datavideo Production Switcher

Production Switchers Allow for Seamless Transition

DataVideo switchers put all the control in the hands of the user. Whether the job calls for simple transitions between cameras, or video effects like chroma key, DataVideo switchers will convert a production's inputs into an unforgettable professional presentation on screen. Their high quality products include the Showcast 100, iCAST mini, SE Series, and Mobile Cast.

Datavideo Video Accessories

Video Accessories Expand the Reach of Your Broadcast

Having the highest quality equipment is essential for any video production. Datavideo has a range of video accessories that support the work of the cameras and switchers, including Recorders, Camera Controls, Encoders/Decoders, Robotic Pan-tilt Heads, Capture Devices, and Converters. This diverse selection of top-notch products enables video production professionals to streamline their workflow to create impactful productions.

Datavideo Teleprompters

Teleprompters Ensure Your Message Gets Through

Datavideo brings any script to life on your monitor with crystal-clear teleprompter solutions that fit an array of environments. These sturdy, easy-to-deploy systems allow a script to be read while looking directly at the camera lens, creating a natural and engaging presentation. DataVideo offers various control, mounting, and design options, including the WR-500, TP-650, TP-800, and TP-900 models.

Discover Datavideo Support in Florida

Ready for a seamless approach to video production or hosting live events? Contact us at Mainline Marketing, Florida’s Datavideo experts to get started today.