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What To Look For When Buying An A/V Rack

April 18, 2023
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Audiovisual (A/V) racks can help you manage, organize, and protect valuable electronics. By organizing all A/V equipment in one specific location, these racks can help simplify access and manage equipment. However, selecting the right A/V rack can be challenging since there are a vast number of A/V rack options available in the market.

This blog reviews several of the most important factors to consider as you are searching for an A/V rack, including size and capacity, power management, cable management, heat management, and durability. It is paramount to consider the lifelong benefits of investing in a high-quality A/V rack. Not only does a quality rack protect your expensive electronics, but it also increases productivity and reduces downtime, making equipment maintenance and troubleshooting more manageable.

Ultimately, choosing a reputable A/V rack manufacturer and working with knowledgeable professionals can help ensure that your A/V rack is the right fit for your specific needs and requirements.

A conference room with an AV rack from Lowell Manufacturing in the corner


Size and Capacity of the A/V Rack

The first thing to consider when choosing your A/V rack is the size and capacity. A/V racks need to be large and sturdy enough to accommodate all of your A/V equipment. Don’t forget to consider any potential future equipment upgrades in evaluating the rack’s size and capacity. Consider your A/V rack placement and check to see if there is sufficient space for the installation of the rack. Measure the height, depth, and width of the rack to ensure it will fit in that spot. It is essential to choose the right size A/V rack to avoid any issues from space constraints in your business.

If the A/V rack is incorrectly sized, you may be unable to add new equipment to the A/V rack. Users who have insufficient space may resort to incorrectly storing equipment. This crowding of equipment increases the risk of equipment damage and overheating. When the rack does not fit in the available space, it may be challenging to install the rack or access the equipment for maintenance or repairs. This can result in lost productivity and additional costs to reconfigure the A/V setup.

An AV rack from Lowell Manufacturing


Power Management of the A/V Rack

Power management is another vital factor to consider when purchasing an A/V rack. The rack should have enough power outlets to support all equipment and surge protection to prevent damage from power surges. If the rack doesn’t include any outlets or doesn’t have enough for your needs, you’ll need to make sure you plan for that and have an alternative option during installation. You should also consider whether a backup power supply is needed in order to ensure uninterrupted operation during power outages.

Practice proper power management to protect your electronics and reduce the risk of damage. It is important to purchase an A/V rack with advanced power management features to protect your electronics and allow operations to run continuously.

With insufficient power outlets, people overload the electrical circuit using extension cords or daisy-chain power strips. This is extremely dangerous because it overloads the circuit, which can cause power outages or equipment damage. Always ensure the A/V rack has adequate power outlets to support all your A/V equipment. Also take into consideration the maximum amperage rating of the circuit and do not exceed it.


Cable Management of the A/V Rack

Cable management maintains an organized A/V setup and avoids cable clutter. When purchasing an A/V rack, look for cable management features such as cable ties, cable trays, and cable channels to keep cables neat and tidy. Proper cable management also makes it easier to troubleshoot any electronics issues. Poor cable management can lead to interference and connection issues that could compromise the performance of the system.

Cables can easily be tangled, stretched, bent, or damaged when A/V racks use poor cable management. This can result in signal interference, data loss, and equipment malfunction. Even worse, it may result in the need for expensive replacement or repairs, causing operational downtime and financial losses. Moreover, it can also pose a safety hazard if cables are left exposed or tripping hazards, leading to injuries or accidents. Therefore, investing in an A/V rack with proper cable management features can help prevent these issues.

An empty AV rack being installed beneath a TV in a cabinet


Heat Management of the A/V Rack

Purchasing an A/V rack that does not manage heat generated from the electronics can result in equipment failure – and costly equipment replacement! Choose A/V racks with built-in heat management to prevent equipment overheating and damage. Built-in ventilation fans, air filters, and temperature sensors can all prevent electronics from overheating. By investing in an A/V rack with a proper ventilation feature, you can make sure that equipment remains cool, greatly reducing the risk of damage to your electronics.

If the A/V rack is not in a well-ventilated room, electronic-generated heat can quickly build up due to the lack of air circulation. This results in overheating and potential damage to the electronic equipment. Always ensure that the A/V rack contains ventilation and is professionally installed in a location with enough ventilation to avoid overheating and electronic damage.


Durability of the A/V Rack

Durability is another critical aspect to consider when purchasing an A/V rack. The rack should be sturdy enough to securely hold equipment and withstand accidental bumps. High-quality racks are typically made from steel or other types of sturdy metal. Remember, a durable A/V rack is an investment to protect your expensive A/V equipment.

If the A/V rack purchased is not durable enough to withstand the weight of the equipment, the rack may collapse or break, resulting in damage or loss of the expensive A/V equipment. Always ensure the A/V rack is durable and strong enough to handle the weight of the electronics to avoid disaster.

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Why Choose Lowell Manufacturing For Your A/V Racks

When choosing A/V racks, it is essential to purchase from reputable manufacturers that offer high-quality products. Lowell Manufacturing has been a trusted manufacturer of A/V racks for over 75 years, with a range of products designed to meet different application needs. Their products range from basic racks to fully customizable solutions, ensuring that customers find the right rack for their needs.

Lowell Manufacturing has been in the business since 1947 and produces reliable and durable A/V racks made in the USA using certified US steel that are EIA/TIA compliant. Additionally, their products come with a lifetime warranty, which protects the investment and provides peace of mind. Investing in quality products from a reputable manufacturer ensures that the A/V racks are reliable and long-lasting.

Selecting an A/V rack requires careful consideration of its size and capacity, power management, cable management, heat management, and durability. Ensuring you take the time to consider these factors prior to purchasing an A/V rack will ensure your business stays safe, organized, and efficient. A quality A/V rack provides a secure and convenient place to store equipment while offering features to help manage. Reach out to a Mainline Marketing representative today for guidance on updating, setting up, or installing an A/V rack!

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