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The Long And Winding Road With Bill Ostry

February 17, 2022
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This week on the Sound Connections podcast, we interview Shure’s Bill Ostry!

Bill has been with Shure for nearly 12 years now and is a Regional Sales Manager for the Pro Group. It was a long and winding path that led Bill to Shure, starting with his time at college. Bill bounced around between 6 different majors before he settled on studying acoustics at Columbia College Chicago. He’s worked throughout the country designing AV systems. He did briefly consider a career at In-N-Out, which would have allowed him to party on the beach in California. Instead of pursuing that, however, he helped his brother start a new business back in Chicago that was unrelated to the AV industry. After a few years, he reentered the industry when he joined the team at Radio Design Labs and soon was hired to work at Shure.

Besides Bill’s professional career, we learn about his musical family, his career in music, and how much he depended on Wendy’s chili while in college.

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