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Shure manufactures microphones and audio electronics that are used to amplify, process and mix sound for live events, permanent installations, broadcast and recording studios.

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Seeing the Shure Stem Ecosystem in Action

Having top-of-the-line audio for your online meetings used to require a variety of expensive and complicated equipment. Not anymore, thanks to the Shure Stem Ecosystem. Stem makes it easier than ever to have crystal-clear audio for your collaborative meeting spaces. The Stem products all work together seamlessly and are easy and intuitive to set up and manage. We’ve talked before about how th...

The 10 Best Podcasting Mics to Instantly Improve Your Audio Game

It seems like everyone is getting in on the podcasting game. And the truth is, it’s never been easier to start a podcast! With the rise of Zoom, you can connect with individuals from practically anywhere in the world, record your conversation, and have it posted online just a few minutes later. You can even do this for free. Most computers, and your cell phone, have built-in microphones. But ...

Bring Your Office Into the Modern Day With the Shure Stem Ecosystem

Not that long ago, only large companies with big budgets could afford the high-tech meeting spaces. Large conference rooms with mics hanging from the ceilings or small huddle rooms where a video conference could be started with the press of a button were often out of reach. But now, Shure is making it easier and more affordable than ever for companies of any size to have a fully working meeting ...

Shure Products Are Now Microsoft Teams Certified!

Your Teams meetings will sound better than ever. It’s fair to say that audio is having a moment. While the early 2000’s saw everyone paying attention to rapidly improving video quality, audio has come roaring back. Podcasts are more popular than ever and continue to grow, social media companies are emphasizing audio-only content, even records have come raging onto the scene again. It was only...

How to Update Your Meeting Room for 2021 and Beyond

2020 was a transformative year for the professional office space. Thanks to the pandemic, businesses all over the world had to find ways to keep employees safe while still getting their jobs done. This often meant having to figure out ways to get employees to work from home, or somehow manage to stay six feet apart at the office. Now that workers are returning to the office, the business landsc...

How to Set up Your Home Studio

2020 saw many of us moving out of the office and into the world of Work From Home. And you know what? We found out that it’s not that bad! There were some bumps and bruises early on, but we quickly got the hang of working with Zoom and Teams, and the appeal of no daily commute more than made up for any issues. But what about those who worked in a professional studio? Could one really leave th...

The Top Items You Need in Your Conference Room

The conference room has long been one of the most important rooms for any business. A place for ideas to be shared, sales to be finalized, and work to be done. That hasn’t changed much over the past 50 years, but what has changed is the technology. Gone are the days where all you needed was a large table, somewhat comfortable chairs, and a speakerphone. 95% of meeting rooms have minimal technolo...

How to Podcast from Home

By now, pretty much everyone has heard of a podcast, even if they have never listened to one themselves. If you have dipped your toes into the podcasting world, you know there is a wide range of shows to choose from. From serious, long-form journalism pieces like Serial, to quirky conversations between friends, there really is something for everyone. As technology continues to improve, it is ...

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The Shure Ecosystem

  • Never Miss A WordMXA910 Ceiling Array Microphones
  • Integrated Software SolutionsIntelliMix® Room Audio Processing Software
  • Impeccable Sound QualityMXN5W-C Networked Ceiling Loudspeakers
  • Control Everything EasilyMXA Network Mute Button

A History of Innovation

With a history of innovation that began in 1925, Shure has turned a passion for making great microphones and audio electronics into an obsession. Shure continues to set the worldwide industry standard for superior, reliable products. From Elvis to Martin Luther King Jr., from the GRAMMYs® to the Olympics – iconic performers, leaders and communicators trust Shure to deliver their messages clearly, for all to hear.