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The Legend of the SM58 Tattoo

August 19, 2021
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Leading up to this year’s SM58 Day celebration we stumbled across a picture posted online of a man who had a tattoo of a Shure SM58 microphone on his forearm. Since that’s not something you see every day, even in our line of work, we did a little digging and realized that the arm in question belonged to a man named Frank who just so happened to be the lead singer in a band AND lived here in Florida. We immediately reached out, packed our gear, and drove out to St. Augustine to sit down with Frank and discuss music, his band, and his love for the SM58.

Frank is the lead singer of the band Sladicidal, a Suicidal Tendencies cover band. Frank grew up around music, so when it came time for him to pick a mic he knew it was going to be the Shure SM58 dynamic vocal microphone. And when it came time for him to get a tattoo, it was his wife who suggested he go with the legendary microphone.

tattoo of SM58 on Sladicidal lead singer Frank's forearm

We also get into the history of the St. Augustine musical scene, specifically at Shanghai Nobby’s who were gracious enough to let us record the podcast live at their bar and also happened to be the spot where Frank and Sladicidal first performed.

frank from sladicidal

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