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Shure MXA920 Back in Stock and Ready to Rock

March 3, 2023
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The A/V industry has faced its fair share of supply chain issues in recent times. Disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic along with manufacturing shortages, combined with an increase in consumer demand, caused delays and frustrations for many customers.

Thankfully, things are starting to improve.

Shure has announced that the MXA920 Ceiling Array microphone is now back in stock and ready to rock! To celebrate, we’ll take a closer look at the MXA920, its features, and the various industries and businesses that can benefit from it.

Shure MXA920 family of products

What Is the MXA920?

The MXA920 is a ceiling array microphone designed to deliver clean and natural audio for conferencing and collaboration applications. It is part of Shure’s Microflex Ecosystem, which is a family of high-quality audio solutions designed to offer flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. It is compatible with other Microflex components, such as wireless microphone systems, DSPs, and control software, making it easy to create a complete and customizable audio solution that fits your specific needs.

The MXA920 features Shure’s Automatic Coverage™ technology to capture just the voices you want to hear while avoiding unwanted sounds. For more control, the MXA920 also includes Steerable Coverage™ technology, allowing for the mic’s 8 pickup lobes to be programmed to only pick up audio from precise locations in the room.

These features ensure that every participant is heard clearly, no matter where they are in the room.

The MXA920 is incredibly easy to use. It features intuitive LED indicators that display the microphone’s status, making it easy to see if the microphone is muted or active. Installation of the MXA920 is also simple and straightforward. A variety of mounting options are available, including a low-profile ceiling mount and a pendant mount, making it easy to install in any room or space.

What Can the MXA920 Do?

The MXA920 has several impressive features that make it a powerful and versatile microphone for a wide range of conferencing and collaboration applications. Here are some of the key features of the MXA920.

Automatic Coverage™ Technology

Once the MXA920 microphones are installed, the Automatic Coverage technology automatically adjusts the lobes and sensitivity of each microphone to ensure that every participant in the room is heard, regardless of their location. This technology makes it easy for users to set up and install the MXA920 in any room, and it ensures that the microphone delivers consistent and reliable performance, regardless of the room size or layout.

Steerable Coverage™ Technology

For more precise control, the MXA920 includes Steerable Coverage technology. By turning off Automatic Coverage technology, users can program exactly how they want the MXA920’s 8 pickup lobes to capture audio in their space. Capture only the audio you want, and leave the unwanted noise out of your signal.

Camera Tracking

The MXA920 can provide camera systems with talker location data, which enables the camera to track the speaker automatically. This feature is especially useful in larger rooms or during presentations, as it allows participants to focus on the content of the presentation without worrying about staying in the camera’s view.

Integration with Other Microflex Ecosystem Microphones

Shure’s Microflex Ecosystem products are designed to work together to bring great audio to any room. Multiple MXA920 microphones can work together to seamlessly provide coverage for an entire space. Additionally, the MXA920 can be integrated with other Microflex Ecosystem microphones, such as the MXA310 Table Array and the MXA710 Linear Array microphones.

Dante Digital Audio Networking

The MXA920 features Dante digital audio networking, which provides high-quality digital audio over a standard Ethernet network. This feature makes it easy to integrate the MXA920 into existing audio networks and enables users to scale their audio solutions as their needs grow.

IntelliMix® DSP

The MXA920 features IntelliMix® DSP technology, which delivers high-quality audio by automatically adjusting the microphone’s audio levels and reducing unwanted background noise. This feature ensures that every participant in the meeting or conference is heard clearly and that the audio is consistent and natural-sounding.

Microsoft Teams Certified

The MXA920 is certified for use with Microsoft Teams and other popular collaboration tools such as Zoom. Users don’t have to worry about complicated setups or jumping through hoops to use their favorite video conferencing service. The MXA920 will connect with these programs right out of the box.

Where to Use the MXA920

The MXA920 is an incredibly versatile microphone that can be used in a variety of industries and businesses. It’s ideal for corporate conference rooms, boardrooms, and training spaces, where communication is critical. It’s also perfect for education settings, such as lecture halls and classrooms, where teachers and students need to communicate effectively.

Other industries that can benefit from the MXA920 include healthcare, hospitality, and government. In healthcare, the MXA920’s superior audio quality can help doctors and nurses communicate with one another, while in hospitality, it can improve the overall guest experience by ensuring that everyone can be heard during meetings and presentations. In government, the MXA920 is ideal for council chambers and other meeting rooms, where communication is essential for effective decision-making.

Participants in a hybrid meeting using the Shure MXA920 ceiling array microphone

In Stock and Ready to Rock

Overall, the MXA920 is an advanced and versatile microphone that offers a range of powerful features that enable it to deliver high-quality audio in a variety of settings. We’re excited that the Shure MXA920 Ceiling Array microphone is now back in stock and available for purchase!

If you’re interested in learning more about this fantastic product or have any questions, please contact your Mainline Marketing representative for more information. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your audio experience to the next level with the MXA920!

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