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InfoComm 2024- Mainline Marketing’s Product Roundup


At InfoComm 2024, our manufacturers showcased an impressive lineup of new products and innovations.

Highlights included the Allen & Heath dLive 2.0 update, which enhances the audio engineer’s toolkit with integrated creative FX and workflow improvements, and Shure’s WL18Xm Professional Low-Profile Lavalier Microphones, delivering superior sound quality with a sleek design. Shure also introduced ShureCloud, a robust platform for managing Shure products, and a new Shure System API for seamless integration. Absen’s Flex Series dazzled with its versatile display solutions for staging, while DAS Audio's DECO and ARA series expanded their high-performance audio offerings.

Fulcrum Acoustic’s RX Series impressed with compact, high-fidelity loudspeakers, and Draper’s LVC-IP Bridge and Tecvision Screen Additions showcased advanced control and display technologies. Datavideo’s VoiceTrx100 and LEA’s Connect Series Touch Controller further highlighted the innovations, offering enhanced automation and user-friendly control solutions.

InfoComm 2024 was a testament to the relentless advancement in AV technology, promising exciting developments for professionals across the industry.

Allen & Heath dLive 2.0: Software/Hardware Release


Allen & Heath made waves with the announcement of the dLive V2.0 update. This new release introduces integrated creative FX and workflow enhancements that significantly enhance the audio engineer’s experience for any event. Among the notable features are a revamped Cue List system for more efficient cue management, the Actions feature for streamlined automation, and Mix contributions to the Channel Library. The addition of the RackUltra FX Card, which comes standard in new MixRacks and is available as an upgrade for older rack models, adds eight new FX engines without tapping into existing resources. The RackUltra FX Collection further enriches the dLive's capabilities with 10 new algorithms for studio-quality vocal processing, reverbs, distortion, saturation, and harmonizers. These updates enhance the overall functionality and creative potential of the dLive system, making it a standout in the audio control market.


Shure WL18Xm


Shure also unveiled the WL18Xm Professional Low-Profile Lavalier Microphones. Building on the legacy of the best-selling lavalier portfolio in history, the WL18Xm series is reimagined for the digital age, offering unparalleled sound quality with higher dynamic range, improved max SPL, and lower self-noise. These low-profile lavaliers are designed for discreet placement without sacrificing performance, available in two connector types, TA4F and LEMO, and two colors, Black and White. With three polar pattern options—Cardioid (WL185m), Supercardioid (WL184m), and Omnidirectional (WL183m)—these microphones cater to a wide range of professional audio needs.

Shure Cloud BETA


On the software front, Shure introduced the ShureCloud at InfoComm 2024, marking a significant step forward in managing Shure products. ShureCloud offers an intuitive interface designed to effortlessly monitor, update, and manage Shure products across various applications. In its initial beta release, ShureCloud focuses on the conferencing vertical, providing remote monitoring capabilities for critical attributes of numerous products within the Microflex Ecosystem. Additionally, it includes a cloud licensing portal for IntelliMix® Room software DSP, ensuring seamless integration and control. This platform promises to revolutionize how users interact with and manage their Shure products.


Shure System API


Additionally, Shure introduced the new Shure System API, a RESTful API designed to revolutionize interaction with Shure products. This API allows for easy integration with existing control and monitoring systems, providing comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities. Enhanced network security protocols and an intuitive user interface make this API a valuable tool for both seasoned developers and newcomers, ensuring streamlined setup and scalability.



Absen Flex Series


The Absen Flex Series is a revolutionary display solution designed for the staging industry that is capable of forming unique shapes and structures. It offers brilliant displays with high brightness, swift refresh rate, and deep contrast. The series has 15 distinct angle settings, allowing for unique stage designs. It’s compact, perfect for small venues, and can create perfect 90° arcs. It supports both hanging and stacking installations, catering to various design needs. Maintenance is easy with quick-release power boxes and an intuitive twist-and-lock mechanism. The Absen Flex Series combines flexibility, stunning visuals, and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for creative staging projects.




DAS Deco: In Ceiling Speakers


DAS Audio introduced the DECO series at InfoComm 2024. These featured in-ceiling speakers are designed to blend seamlessly into any environment. With a frameless design and grilles held by neodymium magnets, these speakers minimize visual impact while delivering impeccable sound quality. The DECO-5 and DECO-6 models offer bandwidths of 70 Hz – 15 kHz and 60 Hz – 20 kHz, respectively, ensuring high-performance audio. These ceiling-mount loudspeakers are ideal for various professional installation systems, including houses of worship, auditoriums, theaters, hotel ballrooms, and meeting rooms.

DAS Audio: ARA Series Expansion


DAS Audio also expanded its ARA series with new point source systems and stage monitors. The new ARA-P12.115 and ARA-P28.115 point source systems offer 110 x 50-degree coverage, joining the ARA-P12.74, ARA-P28.74, and ARA-M210 stage monitor. Known for their advanced technology and tonal consistency, the ARA series features a 3" M78N compression driver and a DSP operating at 96 kHz. These additions ensure exceptional performance and versatility for concerts, smaller events, or fixed installations.




Fulcrum RX Series: Compact Installation Loudspeakers


Fulcrum Acoustic introduced the new RX Series, which includes updated 5.25 inch and 6.5 inch models, as well as new 4 inch and 8 inch models. The ultra-compact RX4 fits seamlessly into various installations, while the RX8 offers enhanced output and extended low-frequency response. The updated RX5 and RX6 feature refined aesthetics, improved mounting options, and updated crossover and horn designs, ensuring impeccable off-axis response. This series is celebrated for its compact size, exceptional output, and fidelity, meeting market demands for both smaller and larger solutions.


Draper LVC-IP


Draper also introduced the LVC-IP BRIDGE, a solution for seamless IP control of Draper products. Compatible with all Draper motorized screens or lifts, this accessory ensures effortless integration and streamlined control through a user-friendly interface.

Draper Tecvision: Screen Additions


Draper unveiled new Tecvision Screen Surfaces, including the CS1100X ALR with 1.1 Gain and 82% ambient light rejection, and the XH1200X Premium Grey with 1.2 Gain for enhanced brightness and contrast. These surfaces deliver unparalleled performance in various lighting conditions, ensuring clear and vivid visuals.




Datavideo: VoiceTRX 100


Datavideo introduced the VoiceTrx100, a voice-activated camera switching and auto-tracking solution ideal for corporate meetings, town halls, and classrooms. This system eliminates the need for an operator, seamlessly switching between cameras and adjusting positions based on the active speaker's location. Compatible with top microphone brands like Shure, the VoiceTrx100 offers advanced features for automated video production.



LEA Connect Series Touch Controller


LEA showcased the Connect Series Touch controller, a PoE-powered wall-mounted control panel designed to manage LEA amplifiers intuitively. This device offers features such as source selection, volume adjustments, and mute control by individual zone. With a vibrant color touch screen and rotary knob, it ensures user-friendly interaction. The controller supports control of up to 100 single zones and offers robust group control capabilities, making it a versatile solution for comprehensive audio management.


If you are interested in any of these new products or past products from our Manufacturers, please visit the Mainline Marketing Website to make an appointment to demo a product, visit our experience center, and contact your local representative! You can also keep updated on continued product updates and releases by signing up to receive Mainline’s Monthly Newsletter and following our social media, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

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