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AV Social Media Digest: Happy Shark Week

AV Social Media Digest: Happy Shark Week

Too busy to keep up with all the social media and A/V news out there? We've got you covered! Let’s get all caught up on everything you might have missed recently.

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InfoComm 2024- Mainline Marketing’s Product Roundup


At InfoComm 2024, our manufacturers showcased an impressive lineup of new products and innovations.

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A Tribute to Shure’s Iconic Microphones


The realm of sound is steeped in history, and Shure microphones have been instrumental in shaping this narrative. These microphones are celebrated not just for having left a substantial mark on the industry but also for being the driving force behind the evolution of audio– let's embark on a journey through Shure’s revered microphone lineup. From the dynamic SM58 to the timeless 55SH, let’s pay homage to the instruments that have not just empowered artists and entertainers, but have also revolutionized the way we experience sound.

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Fulcrum Acoustic Redefined: A Dive Into Fulcrum Immersive Tools

Fulcrum Acoustics

An Overview of Fulcrum Immersive Systems and Fulcrum One Software Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of audio technology, Fulcrum Acoustic stands as a beacon of innovative technologies. A set of hardware and software tools enables the design to intelligently learn your venue's acoustical environment and provide scalable solutions. With a mission to transform how we perceive sound, this company has carved a niche for itself in the world of multi-channel immersive audio solutions. From concert halls to theaters or worship spaces, Fulcrum Immersive's suite of hardware and software tools is redefining the way we design and deploy immersive solutions.

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