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New Products Available From Lowell Manufacturing

May 26, 2021
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Spring has sprung, and with it come a slew of new products from Lowell Manufacturing Company.

Spring is a favorite time of year for many. The weather is starting to warm up but still in that Goldilocks “just right” zone, and spring cleaning brings a renewed sense of out with the old, and in with the new.

Today, we’re going to focus on the “in with the new” part of that sentiment. Lowell Manufacturing has released a series of new products this Spring that improve and enhance the A/V industry. Let’s take a look at those new products!

But First, a History Lesson

Before we tell you about where Lowell is going, we have to tell you about where they’ve been. Lowell has a long history of developing products for professional A/V systems, dating back to 1947 when founder Ben Lowell was awarded the first design patents for spun aluminum baffles that helped make the novel idea of “sound from the ceiling” a reality. The company continued to grow throughout the 50’s and 60’s introducing – among other things – a line of cabinets and the world’s first plastic-molded speaker grille.

In the 70’s and 80’s Lowell expanded again and began to offer backboxes with large cubic volume enclosures, which they sold to convention centers, airports, and performing arts centers. Lowell then jumped feet first into the new millennium, using advanced fabrication and powder coat painting equipment to introduce new lines of equipment racks, cabinets, rack accessories, and AC power products. Today, Lowell is run by the three sons of the company’s founder Ben: John, Wilhelm, and Tom.

What Are the New Products From Lowell?

ESP Series Pendant Speakers

The ESP Pendant Speakers are an incredibly versatile addition to Lowell’s quick-install speaker line. These black and white pendants are an acoustic match to the ES Series of recessed speakers, allowing you to achieve the same sound quality throughout a building, no matter the architecture. The pendant speakers can cover large rooms with tall ceilings, like a lobby, while the ES speakers provide audio to smaller rooms.

Behind the fine mesh press fit grill of the pendant are either 6-½” coaxial, 8” coaxial, or 8” coaxial compression drivers. The transformer tap selector switch is also protected behind the grill.

The ESP Pendant Speakers come with a variety of mounting options. An integral bracket in the back allows for either cable or pipe installation, and a magnetic top cover helps to hide connections, keeping the look clean. If you don’t want to hang the speakers, you can use the optional U-bracket and surface mount the speakers instead.

Lowell ESP Series pendant speakers

SEQR-P4: Rackmount Sequencer w/ pass-through jacks

The SEQR-P4 rackmount sequencer with pass-through connections offers the convenience of pass-through RJ45 jacks to connect to compatible remote controls and relays, providing time-delayed activation and deactivation of all connected equipment. This new model has a front rocker switch for start-up, but includes rear interfaces for activation by an alarm system, external switch, or DSP connection.

Because the step assignment is actually selected on the connected devices, the startup sequence can be quickly changed without the need to re-wire. Four delayed closure circuits activate in sequential order (1, 2, 3, 4) and deactivate in reverse order (4, 3, 2, 1). The delay between these steps is easily adjusted with the DIP switch.

Lowell SEQR-P4 rackmount sequencer

ACS-2018-5C-RPCP-HW: Power Strip w/ Remote (pass-through series)

Save rack space by including the Remote Power Control right into the strip itself. The ACS-2018-5C-RPCP-HW is a five-circuit, 20A power strip engineered for applications where multiple AC power circuits, and the convenience of controlling AC distribution from a remote location, is either specified or required.

The 5-circuit hardwired strip has one circuit that’s always on, while the other four are activated sequentially by a compatible sequencer. Additional remote controls or relays can be added as needed.

The strip contains 18 NEMA outlets (16 switched, 2 un-switched), features a steel chassis with a black finish, and is 60-inches in length. The strip has universal mounting brackets, and a 6-foot non-metallic flexible conduit with pigtail leads.

Lowell ACS-2018-5C-RPCP-HW power strip with remote

PCMB-6: Mounting Brackets for Power Strips, Cable Managers

Model PCMB-6 is new mounting hardware for vertical-mount power strips and cable managers. Sold in pairs, the mounting brackets provide a simple way to mount power strips or vertical cable managers to 2-post or four-post racks such as the Lowell LRR Series, LXR Series, or the LVR Series. The PCMB-6 is also able to be mounted vertically in standard EIA racks.

Lowell PCMB-6 mounting brackets for power strips and cable managers

ACR-209-S: Rackmount Power, 20A outlets, SS

The ACR-209-S is an economical power panel that comes with 20A NEMA outlets. There are 9 outlets in total, with 1 on the front and 8 in the rear. All of the outlets are controlled by a front switch with a guard bar to protect against accidental operation. The panel includes an external grounding/bonding terminal, basic surge protection, an LED status indicator, and a 9-foot cord with a NEMA 5-20P plug. The steel chassis comes with a black powder epoxy finish that is 19-inches wide, 9-inches deep, and 1.75-inches high.

Lowell ACR-209-S rackmount power

The Great Products Keep Coming

These new products are great additions to the incredible lineup from Lowell. Lowell creates four main types of products:

  • Audio products like loudspeakers, volume controls, and backboxes
  • Power products like panels, strips, and sequencers
  • Racks and boxes including floor racks, built in racks, and portable racks
  • Rack accessories like 19-inch rack shelves, rack lighting, and cable management

And the work at their state-of-the-art facility in Pacific, MO just outside of St. Louis means that there will be even more incredible products coming down the line. You don’t have to wait long. Lowell says there’s more to come this summer.

If you have any questions about how these or any other Lowell products, contact us here at Mainline Marketing. And if you want to see these products in action, ask about coming out to see it all first-hand at our Experience Center in Winter Park, Florida.

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