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Mastering the RF Dark Arts with Shure’s Jason Waufle

November 24, 2021
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This week on Sound Connections, we caught up with Jason Waufle, Senior Specialist in Market Development at Shure! Before joining Shure, Jason had a long career in broadcast entertainment. He sat with us to talk about how he broke into the industry, what he loved about it, and why he left.

Managing RF can feel like a form of mystical art, especially if you don’t have a ton of experience working with it. But then there are people like Jason, who are masters of RF. Jason told us about how answering a Craig’s List ad got him his first job in the industry, where he was able to learn all about RF. Those skills led to a career where he worked for major productions like Showtime Boxing, Super Bowls, Country Music Awards, Grammy’s, Billboard Music Awards, and more!

Jason Waufle working production at the Grammys

Now as a member of the Shure Pro Audio team, Jason cultivates industry relations, research, insights, and market development for the pro audio line of Shure products related to broadcast, touring, houses of worship, live events, and everything high tier wireless.

Shure's Jason Waufle recording an episode of the Sound Connections podcast

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