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Mainline’s Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

November 22, 2022
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Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving preparations are currently underway, which puts us—like it or not—directly into the holiday season. This time of year is full of magic and wonder for many of us. But the one thing that’s guaranteed to kill your holiday spirit is having to buy gifts for everyone on your list.

You can go crazy wondering whether the gift you’re looking to buy is the right size or the right color. And what if they already have it?

Not to worry! We’ve put together a 2022 holiday gift guide for every Audio Enthusiast, Audiophile, Audio Guru, or Sound Guy/Girl on your list. And we’ve tested each of these products personally, so you can be assured of their quality and reliability.

For Stocking Stuffers

Podcasters and musicians want to sound perfect and use the best mics, such as the legendary Shure SM7B. However, the preamps in many common USB interfaces often don’t have enough clean gain to support a low-sensitivity dynamic microphone. Enter the Hosa MPA-149 mic preamp!

Simply connect this device between your cable and your mic, providing +26dB of clean gain! This works with any mixer, interface, or console that can provide 48V phantom power.

Hosa MPA-149 preamp

For the Music Lover

Here’s one gift that even non-techie folks will appreciate. The One II by Klipsch is a sleek tabletop stereo system that delivers award-winning sound in a compact package.

The Mid-century Modern design is both Bluetooth-compatible and analog-ready, seamlessly blending the past and the present into one incredible device.

The One II by Klipsch speaker sitting on a night stand

For the Headphone-Lover

Got a friend or family member whose headphones are as much a part of their personal style as their music workflow? Konig & Meyer’s 16075 Headphone Table Stand will keep those babies safe and sound.

A sleek, minimal design with three different color options (black, sand, and gray) ensure they match any décor.

Konig & Meyer headphone table stand holding a pair of Shure AONIC 50 headphones

For the Audiophile

The AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones by Shure are an excellent choice for those who want studio-quality sound without any distractions.

A 20h battery life, adjustable noise cancellation, and optimal comfort make these the perfect headphones for on-the-go listening.

J Balvin wearing Shure AONIC 50 headphones

For the Remote Worker

Help your friends or colleagues take their Zoom conferences up a notch with Shure’s MV5C Home Office Microphone. The microphone plugs right into the computer or laptop through the included USB cable, making setup a snap. And the mic’s included base and small footprint allow it to find a home on even the desks that are cluttered with stacks of paper and coffee cups.

For the Guitarist

Guitarists want to smash their guitars on stage, not in the bus on the way to the show. Help ensure their axe will be ready for anything with the iSeries Waterproof Strat/Tele Flight Case by SKB.

Designed for strat and tele style guitars, this case is lined with a plush interior that provides 360° of protection.

SKB iSeries waterproof case for Stat and Tele style guitars

For the Home Musician

Home musicians often have to answer a difficult question: should I buy a mixer or an interface? Well, why not both!

When it comes to flexibility and ease of use, the Allen & Heath ZEDi series of mixers can’t be beat. They combine analog audio mixing with a USB interface, so you can record with them at home and also bring it with you to your next gig.

This line of super-small sound mixers might not take up much physical space, but they pack a huge auditory punch.

Allen & Heath ZEDi-10FX mixer and interface

For the Gigging Musician

Dragging equipment to every gig gets exhausting fast. Take a (literal) load off of a gigging musician’s shoulders with the Action 500 Series by DAS Audio.

Compact and lightweight, these speakers are still powerful enough to deliver crystal-clear sound anywhere you need.

Action 500 Series speaker by DAS Audio

For the DJ

Trust us when we say that every DJ gets nervous anytime their equipment leaves the house! But with this compact 10 x 2 rig case from SKB, they can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

The unit has plenty of space for a wide range of equipment while still providing access to everything, so the show never has to stop.

A compact 10 x 2 rig case from SKB container DJ equipment

For the Podcaster

It’s everyone’s favorite mic for a reason. The MV7 by Shure offers incredible audio quality that adjusts in real-time, giving you consistent sound free of intrusive background noise. And the best part is that the dual USB/XLR output means this is one of the most versatile microphones on the market, able to fit into any existing setup.

Shure MV7 sitting on a mic stand on a table with a pair of headphones ready to record a podcast

For the Vlogger

Smartphones are strengthening their role in the A/V space as their technology advances. The 19800 Smartphone and Tablet PC Table Stand by Konig & Meyer makes this transition even easier by providing a sturdy non-slip grip and a ball-shaped head for endless mobility. The stand can hold your phone or tablet while you record yourself on the camera or ensure your phone stays within easy reach while you are recording.

iPad held by the 19800 Smartphone and Tablet PC Table Stand by Konig & Meyer

For the Audio Nostalgist

When it comes to aesthetics, the Super 55 Microphone by Shure is a true blast from the past. Vintage casing with blue detailing creates the perfect “retro” look for music gigs, podcasting, or whatever you’ve got on the schedule.

Shure Super 55 microphone

Happy Holidays

Not knowing what gifts to get your family and friends can make the holidays a stressful time. But if you know a podcaster, musician, DJ, or anyone who just loves to listen to music with the best speakers and headphones, you’ll always be able to get them a gift they will love.

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