So much knowledge,
we just have to share.

Having served the AV world for decades, we understand how quickly technology evolves, especially now. The following programs can help designers, installers, users and even top AV specialists keep up.


Let us show you what our manufacturers have to offer. We’ll host on-site demos showcasing multiple products to help you design the best system possible.


We host a variety of training sessions to support your needs - whether it's general product or technology education or a private, custom course tailored to you or your customers.


For AV specialists, we host showcases featuring the latest technology and products. Come see (and hear) for yourself the benefits, bells, whistles and other reasons why we recommend them as part of your solution.

The Value of Mainline:

Our People Are on Your Side

We’ll pair you up with a Technical Product Specialist who can help you navigate your product and system needs, including: