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Talking Comedy with Shereen Kassam

March 3, 2022
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We have our first stand-up comedian appearing on the Sound Connections podcast! Shereen Kassam (aka Funny Brown Girl) is an internationally touring comedian who has worked with some of the biggest names in comedy and was named Florida’s Funniest Female.

In this episode, Shereen spoke with us about how she got her start in comedy after her new roommate drank all of her liquor and dragged her to a comedy show in Boston. Shereen hated the show so much she asked for her money back. The venue instead challenged her to go on stage herself to see how hard it was, and the rest was history!

Shereen Kassam performing stand up comedy

In addition to her standup career, she also is a manager for a Fortune 100 company, an award-winning podcast host, and is getting ready to perform her first Ted Talk. We’ll talk more with Shereen about her podcast and Ted Talk in an upcoming episode!

Shereen Kassam hosting tv broadcast

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