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Synergies Realized: Mainline Marketing Acquires Meyer Marketing

May 11, 2020
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Winter Park, FL: May 11, 2020. For Immediate Release

Mainline Marketing, an independent manufacturer’s representation firm that serves the audio-visual industry, is pleased to announce an agreement to acquire Meyer Marketing, effective May 25th, 2020.

Clinton Muntean, President of Mainline Marketing, commented “The business Larry Meyer built over the past 35 years is one of the most respected rep firms in the territory. Meyer Marketing has a reputation for representing the best brands, delivering results for manufacturers, and providing incredible service. This legacy, along with our shared values, creates perfect synergy.”

Started in 1985 by Larry Meyer, Meyer Marketing has represented top audio and video manufacturers in Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean for over three decades.

Larry Meyer, founder of Meyer Marketing commented “Being on top has always been a priority for me over the past 35 years – and so is going out on top. Things have been lining up in a way that makes this a great time to join Meyer Marketing with Mainline Marketing. Both businesses have a similar history – 30 plus years in business, dealer loyalty, hard work, great factories, and a focus on the future, making this union seamless.

As a Factory Representative I have experienced the ebb and flow of good years and great years, all influenced in some degree by the state of the economy, hard work, great factories, and relationships with our dealers. Over the years I have been blessed to have this job, our dealers not only looked to Meyer Marketing for assurances and help, but indeed are the ones who lifted Meyer Marketing up to be – for many years – the best rep firm in Florida. As factories asked which Rep Firm dealers wanted to work with, our dealers’ answers allowed us to acquire the best factories in the industry. Part of Meyer Marketing and myself going out on top focuses around those factories and the history we have with our dealers.

It is said that your identity is tied to what you do for a living. I believe that your identity – especially after you leave a position of leadership in a company as I am doing – is tied to the job you did, the memories you made, and the friends you made. I can truly say that I am proud of the legacy I leave and am confident Clinton and his team will continue successfully building on what I started over 35 years ago.”

This transaction will allow Mainline Marketing to provide a more complete product offering to its customers.

“This acquisition will allow us to continue our mission, which is to add value to the manufacturers we represent and the customers we serve. By growing our team, our business development managers will manage less accounts, allowing them to focus even more on what is important to their customers.  We will also increase our Technical Services to further bring value to our manufacturers and customers, including expanding our training capabilities,” said Clinton Muntean, President of Mainline Marketing. “I am honored to carry on Larry Meyers’ legacy and reputation and building on it. My vision is to be the number one AV resource in Florida and Puerto Rico – combining our company values, team members, and brands moves Mainline Marketing closer to that goal.”

Mainline Marketing will continue to operate from its Winter Park, Florida headquarters as Mainline Marketing, led by Clinton Muntean.

More information will be coming in the following weeks as the integration of the two companies is finalized.


About Mainline Marketing
Founded in 1987, Mainline Marketing is an award-winning independent manufacturers’ representation firm that manages sales, marketing, and distribution for companies that produce professional audio and video equipment. Our main customer base consists of consultants, commercial audiovisual integrators, broadcast and professional audio suppliers, music industry retailers and production / rental companies.

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This post was written by Jennifer Muntean