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Shure Stem Ecosystem – What’s New in Firmware Update 2.5?

October 17, 2022
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The Stem Ecosystem is built on the belief that collaboration spaces are a game changer for the future of work. The latest firmware update, version 2.5, ensures the Stem Ecosystem is an unrivaled audio solution for any collaborative or meeting space. The six hardware components that make up the Stem Ecosystem platform can be paired with robust ecosystem software to provide anyone with an audio solution that in-house IT teams can customize and install with minimal effort.

Whether you’re working in a small training room or a large meeting space, the Shure Stem Ecosystem gives you the freedom to create, manage, and scale your collaboration space audio for an effortless experience in any room. Read on to learn about the features of the latest firmware update for your Shure Stem products.

Employees holding meeting in huddle room using Shure Stem Ecosystem

What’s New in the Shure Stem Ecosystem 2.5 Firmware Update?

Previous updates have streamlined the installation and setup process. This latest update focuses mainly on improving acoustical performance and audio quality. The result is a family of products that are easy for IT managers to install and even easier for end users to use in their meetings. Spend less time fighting with your equipment and more time collaborating with your co-workers!

Stem Table Updates

The Stem Table is a high-quality conferencing speakerphone designed and optimized for tabletops and flat surfaces. The Table has nine microphones that pick up the voices of everyone around a table and can even follow a voice as it moves through a room. The innovative downward-facing speaker helps to separate the voices on the other end of the call and the voices in the room being picked up by the microphones.

In the latest update, Shure has fine-tuned the playback and microphone pickup. This provides a better experience for meeting participants by improving double-talk performance and making speech clearer and more intelligible.

Pressing a button on the Stem Table, part of the Shure Stem Ecosystem

Stem Wall Updates

The Stem Wall is designed to be mounted on the wall or to any flat surface, with 15 microphones to pick up the voices of meeting participants throughout the room. The Wall also features full-range speakers and subwoofers to make sure everyone can be heard loud and clear.

The Firmware 2.5 update is focused on improving the overall audio quality of the Stem Wall. Shure has adjusted the Wall’s playback speaker levels and tone, improving the reproduction of speech and other elements of the meeting audio. The microphone array was also tuned for better tonality and voice pickup. The result is an improved product that increases the experience of meeting participants on both sides of the call.

Stem Ceiling Updates

The Stem Ceiling is the ultimate microphone selection from the Stem Ecosystem. It features 100 microphones which can be set in three different array options: Narrow, Medium, and Wide. This allows the Ceiling to be incredibly versatile – able to pick up everyone in the room or focus on a single speaker.

As part of the latest update, the pickup patterns for these array options have been adjusted, better matching the customer’s expectations and improving user experience. The overall performance has also been improved, with increased sensitivity and sound quality. This allows the Ceiling to better pick up the voices of the speakers in the room while rejecting any unwanted noises, such as sounds from outside the room or even reverberation.

Shure Stem Ceiling hanging above a conference room table

Stem Speaker Update

The Stem Speaker provides a flexible option to make sure everyone in the meeting room can experience exceptional sound. The Stem Speaker is designed to be mounted either to the ceiling, wall, or a table and includes powerful drivers and an innovative design so that users can hear every word.

Firmware 2.5 calibrates the woofer and tweeter levels of the Stem Speaker for improved playback sound quality. The device output level has also been balanced with the rest of the ecosystem to allow for even coverage in rooms that utilize multiple Stem products.

How to Update to the Latest Version

Shure’s Stem Ecosystem is an unparalleled audio collaboration space solution based on the notion that collaboration areas will significantly impact the world of work in the future. With the recent firmware update 2.5, this idea is a living reality, empowering millions of IT managers to create, manage, and scale their collaboration space audio for a smooth and effortless experience.

By default, Stem devices perform automatic updates. Any devices on a network with internet access left on the default setting will update automatically around midnight local time. You can also check the current firmware version of Stem devices using the Stem Control touch panel, the iOS and Android apps, or your web browser, which all provide HTML access to the ecosystem. Once on the Stem Ecosystem platform, select Devices and then go to SETTINGS > FIRMWARE UPDATES > CHECK FOR UPDATES.

If you have any issues with getting your Stem Ecosystem product updated to the latest version or have any questions on whether or not Stem is right for you, contact us here at Mainline Marketing by reaching out to your local rep!

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