Loudspeakers for the Professionals

Fulcrum Acoustic designs and manufactures high-quality, professional loudspeakers that integrate proprietary DSP algorithms with our revolutionary coaxial designs. Their products are smaller than those using offset drivers, require no additional amplifier channels or drivers, and don’t require additional enclosure volume to achieve the cardioid effect. Fulcrum loudspeakers provide stunning output and unmatched clarity even at high SPLs, in the smallest enclosures possible.

The Sound of Innovation

  • For The CustomerAll aspects of Fulcrum products are designed with the customer in mind
  • Easy to MountSpeakers that are easier to integrate into existing architecture with mounting hardware designed for a quick installation
  • CustomizationFulcrum has the flexibility to offer customized products that match your exact needs
  • Made in AmericaLocally made products ensures timely delivery with less waiting

Legendary Passion

Founded in 2008, Fulcrum Acoustic has garnered attention in the crowded professional audio market by manufacturing high-quality, high-performing products in the U.S., providing personal access to all members of its staff, and offering customers the most responsive technical support in the industry. Founder David Gunness’s research led to the development of advanced digital signal processing algorithms that are integral to Fulcrum Acoustic products. These innovative DSP algorithms enable Fulcrum Acoustic to overcome common performance limitations associated with loudspeakers, allowing for incredible results even in small enclosures. All aspects of Fulcrum Acoustic products are designed with the customer in mind: enclosure shapes to complement various architectural styles, thoughtfully designed mounting hardware for ease of installation, and factory-verified processor settings for nearly every professional digital signal processing (DSP) platform.