DAS is a manufacturer of professional sound systems, power amplification, and digital signal processors used in live sound and permanent installations. Since 1971, DAS has been making sound bigger, better, and more powerful, designing and manufacturing all the components that are part of the sound systems from the DAS headquarters in Valencia, Spain. As a family-owned business, DAS maintains a strong commitment to employees, customers, and suppliers. “SOUND WITH SOUL” is not only a description of DAS products, but how they do business.


Featured Product(s)

Quantum Series

The Quantum series are manufactured from extruded aluminum. The vertical dispersion selection by means of the system-integrated filter (30º/45º) makes it possible to control the system’s dispersion lobe in the vertical plane and thus reduce the reverb, improving intelligibility in spaces such as cultural centers, museums, conference rooms…all while delivering superb music reproduction.

Event-26A and 115A

Event-26A & 115A models are designed to deliver stunning performance with minimum weight. As a result, Event-26A & 115A are exceptional ease-of-use models that offer a highly portable and road-worthy system. A comprehensive range of accessories makes the Event-26A ideal for small to mid-size rental and installation applications.