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Weekly A/V News: The New Dynamic Duo and Last Chance To Save On dPack

April 20, 2021
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Time to get caught up on all things A/V you might have missed last week!

Keep your listeners coming back each week at the same “pod” time, same “pod” channel with Shure’s 1-2 punch of the MV7 and SRH840 headphones.


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Of course, the MV7 isn’t just for podcasters. Our good friends at Blues Angel Music shared a review about a student who plugged his MV7 into his iPhone to record his auditions playing the clarinet.


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QSC’s TouchMix Sessions are always a blast, and we’re very excited for the latest with Jacob Jeffries!


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DJ MissNINJA knows a thing or two about leveling up. Not just in her favorite video games, but with her QSC speakers too.


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A company is only as strong as its employees, which is why DAS Audio works hard to train and help their employees be their absolute best.


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Photographers always manage to get the best seat in the house.


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Do you really want to risk showing up to a gig and all of your gear is busted? Skip those soft cases and get SKB Cases.


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Allen & Heath’s Avantis v1.1 update also made dPack even better. If you haven’t gotten dPack yet, you better hurry. The price goes up on May 1st!

What’s the point of a presentation if members of your audience can’t understand you? Read up on how Listen Technologies can help, even in acoustically challenging environments like the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles.

Virtual meetings aren’t going anywhere, and Salamander Designs has partnered with Zoom to create furniture specifically to look good and work great in your conference rooms.

Thanks to Shure’s MOTIV desktop app, your MV7 can keep getting better and better. Now you can get live meters right on the mic!


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No, that’s not a case added to Allen & Heath’s Avantis. That’s the super strong yet lightweight full metal chassis that is included with every Avantis mixer!

This is a long but wonderful demonstration from Allen & Heath about how the Qu, SQ, Avantis, and dLive systems can all be digitally connected for multi-console and multi-application setups.

The image of these strong and sturdy Hosa cables next to the cheap and crinkly non-Hosa cables is enough to convince you to upgrade your cables ASAP. Plus, look at all the fun colors!

It doesn’t matter what movies come out this summer, we’re seeing as many movies as we can on the big screen. And thanks to Barco, those screens just got a lot better.

Don’t let your next event be sabotaged by poorly maintained batteries. Check out Shure’s webinar on caring for rechargeable batteries.

Not every USB connection is the same, but Audinate’s new Dante AVIO USB-C adapter means you can connect newer electronic devices to any Dante audio network!

Victory Church in Denver knew they wanted to enter the live-streaming world. But rather than taking several years to save and plan accordingly, the pandemic forced them to make the switch on a tight budget and in just a few short weeks. They got it done thanks to the Pliant’s Microcom XR system.

Well, looks like we’re watching The Office again tonight.


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And finally, here’s a great in-depth look at Shure’s TwinPlex mics from Audio Biz.

See you next week!

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