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Weekly A/V News: QSC Wants to Ask You to Prom

June 2, 2021
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Time to get caught up on all things A/V you might have missed last week!

Did your prom look this amazing, with the QSC speakers and high-end lighting system? Because ours sure didn’t.

Want to feel the music? Six KS118 subwoofers will make you feel every note.

A good rule of thumb is that if you are flying QSC speakers above the stage for your backyard party, you should invite your neighbors.


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Game respect game. Shure’s Super 55 mic drawn on an Etch A Sketch? Yes!

Get a better understanding of your Avantis and dLive with this in-depth walk-through from Allen & Heath!

Q-SYS isn’t just great for the boardroom. QSC has made sure it’s great for the classroom as well.

Can you really claim to have a studio if you don’t have a couple of Shure SM7B’s plugged in?


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If you’re looking to DJ a wedding anytime soon, the answer is QSC. It doesn’t really matter what the question is.

Those SoundGirls keep popping up everywhere. There’s a reason they are, now and forever, known as Florida’s Finest Podcast.

Long holiday weekends demand the full QSC setup!


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Hosa is getting you up to speed on the terms you’ve heard often in the recording studio, but might have been too embarrassed to ask what they mean.

If seeing the Northern Lights isn’t on your bucket list, it’s probably because you’ve already seen them. And now, thanks to Barco, you don’t have to wait for nature to decide who can see the Northern Lights and who can’t. The show must go on!

Listen Technologies knows it’s more than just letting people hear. It’s making sure everyone is included.

Great QSC speakers for a great cause!

There’s a lot of talent and skill running through each TouchMix-30 from QSC.

Pliant Technologies has some big announcements!

Ready to join the QSC Communities for Developers?

Digital projection mapping and Barco can take anything from a statue to a wall and make it come alive.

Is this the ultimate ‘Navigator’ setup from Allen & Heath?

Sound is Shure’s business, and whether you are a broadcaster, a musician, a consumer, or even a business, there is a Shure product ready to improve your sound.

That’s it, you’re all caught up! See you next week!

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