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Top Virtual Learning Equipment for Teaching in 2020 and Beyond

December 2, 2020
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2020 has been a transformative year, due in no small part to the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve had to change the way we do everything, from conducting business to hanging out with friends and family. And arguably no area has been affected by the pandemic more than the classroom.

Teaching is challenging under normal circumstances. Doing it in a world of social distancing is borderline impossible.

Luckily, there are more and more products available that can save the day and make teaching in a pandemic not only possible but ideal. Whether you’re setting up a classroom for in-person teaching, distance learning, or a hybrid approach, there is a technology that can make it possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the best.

ClickShare device by Barco

Barco ClickShare

Barco’s ClickShare was designed to make life easy for the users. There’s no complicated user interface or menu to navigate through. No need for cables cluttering up the room. You plug the wireless device into your computer or phone, press a button, and it just works.

What does it do? ClickShare allows teachers to share presentations from their computers onto a giant shared screen that the rest of the class can see. The screen sharing works with any computer and is done with the click of a button.

This is ideal for in-person teachers, as they can quickly and easily conduct their presentations. When the class is over, the next teacher can take over by simply plugging the button into their computer via the USB connection. Want to have your students make a presentation to the class? They can also share their screens, and thanks to a mobile app, presentations can easily be made from a phone or tablet.

Or, use ClickShare’s Collaboration App for instant, virtual sharing…no physical button necessary!

ClickShare is perfect for in-person teachers, especially when multiple teachers are sharing the same classroom. But what about a more remote learning experience? Don’t worry, because Barco has you covered there as well.

Barco weConnect

Barco weConnect was built with digital learning in mind.

Just like ClickShare, weConnect was made so teachers can begin the class with just their laptop. The software is browser-based, so teachers and students won’t have to worry about downloading any special apps. And the software is flexible, meaning it can be used in a variety of settings.

Young girl attending virtual school on laptop

In a distance learning environment, teachers can use weConnect to seamlessly interact with their students in a variety of ways, from focused lectures to open discussions. But weConnect is also excellent in a hybrid situation, where some students are in the classroom while others are watching from home. With weConnect, students at home will be able to get the same classroom experience as those in attendance, as if they were in the same room.

Shure Conferencing Solutions

Shure is one of the leading manufacturers of microphones, and has produced several legendary products used by musicians and professionals across the world. And they’ve brought that expertise to the classroom.

Making sure that students can hear the teacher clearly is an often overlooked, but incredibly important detail. And from large lecture halls to small rooms to a hybrid classroom, Shure has the products that can help you.

Their ULX-D digital wireless microphone systems are perfect for teachers presenting in front of an in-person class…who don’t want to be stuck behind a podium and a wired microphone.

Don’t want to worry about managing a wireless microphone? The MXA910 Microflex Advanced ceiling array is great for distance learning applications as well as voice-lift in auditoriums. It can be set up to focus on up to 8 locations in the classroom, allowing the teacher to walk around freely without having to worry about using technology. It is also certified to work with both Zoom and Microsoft Teams, so students at home can be a part of the discussion too!

Shure MOTIV Products

For the teacher looking to excel in distance learning from home—without access to the equipment and technology found in their classroom—the Shure MOTIV product line is an easy and affordable way to get top-quality audio from home.

The Shure MV5C microphone

The Shure MV5C home office microphone is one of the more affordable mics on the market and is compatible with Windows and Mac devices. The microphone itself comes with a stand and can be used with Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any preferred meeting software.

MV51 microphone

The next step up in price and quality is the MV51 Professional Home Studio microphone. This comes with a kickstand feature, and can also be used with any Windows, Mac, or iOS device.

Finally, there is the brand-new Shure MV7 microphone. If you want to make sure that your students can hear every word you say crystal clear, this is the mic for you.

While these products are less applicable in an actual classroom environment, any teacher who is teaching remotely should look closely at the MOTIV product line.

QSC Q-SYS Ecosystem

No room would be complete without QSC’s Q-SYS. It is the high-tech solution that brings everything together, processing, distributing, and controlling audio and video everywhere it needs to be.

From small classrooms to large lecture halls and remote learning applications, if you have a need, there is a Q-SYS product that can solve it. The Q-SYS Ecosystem provides intuitive plug-and-play integration for classroom and remote learning, including local reinforcement, video collaboration, web conferencing, outputs for lecture capture, and simplified room control. To learn more about Q-SYS in Higher Ed applications, download this application guide.


2020 has brought some unique challenges to the world of education, but companies like Barco, Shure, QSC, and others have stepped up with new technologies that can help improve all methods of teaching: in-person, distance, and hybrid. It’s clear that even as the pandemic clears, this technology is here to stay.

If you are interested in learning more about these technologies, reach out to us. We can help you with demos, design, and support to ensure your needs are met.

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