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Seeing the Shure Stem Ecosystem in Action

December 2, 2021
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Having top-of-the-line audio for your online meetings used to require a variety of expensive and complicated equipment. Not anymore, thanks to the Shure Stem Ecosystem. Stem makes it easier than ever to have crystal-clear audio for your collaborative meeting spaces. The Stem products all work together seamlessly and are easy and intuitive to set up and manage.

We’ve talked before about how the Shure Stem Ecosystem can help bring your office into the modern era, breaking down each product in the line to explain what it does and how it works. Now, we’re going to be able to show you some real-world examples of the Shure Stem Ecosystem in action.

conference room using the shure stem ecosystem

Westcliff University’s Effortless Audio Upgrade

Westcliff University – located in Irvine, CA – offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees along with certificate programs and continuing education courses. Not only are students able to attend classes in-person, but the school offers a variety of courses online and through hybrid programs. Westcliff already had students learning in an online capacity, so the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t have as great of an impact on the university as it did on other institutions. But once some students started to return to class, they realized they needed a big upgrade in their audio capabilities.

Their AV systems had been pieced together, often pairing a single camera with a conference speaker. While this might have been enough for small rooms with just a handful of people, it quickly became apparent that expanding to larger classrooms was going to be an issue.

School officials used the Stem RoomDesign feature on the Shure website to go through and customize each room exactly as they wanted. Once the equipment arrived, it was a complete install right out of the box. They just had to mount the microphones and speakers or place them on the table. Then, they logged on to the ecosystem platform to finish setting up each device and creating all of their rooms. Dominic Enriquez, Director of Strategic Initiatives with Westcliff University, said Stem “fit our audio needs for the different size classrooms. It was plug-and-play, easy to use. And [is] an ecosystem that eliminated noise conflicts within the space.”

Besides traditional classrooms, Westcliff is also known for its mock trial classroom, which is used for competition mock trial cases nationwide. They needed to have the ability to isolate each participant’s audio to prevent others from hearing what they were saying. The Stem Ceiling’s fencing feature allowed them to do just that.

According to Dominic, they have Stem products in 26 classrooms with plans to add more. “We are extremely satisfied with Stem. The customer service has been exceptional. The system works phenomenally. And it’s allowed the faculty to feel like the students joining from home were right in the classroom.”

All Saints Catholic School

While Westcliff University required a variety of Stem products to achieve their needs, sometimes all you need is a Stem Table. Or 20 of them to be exact. That’s what All Saints Catholic School in Jupiter, FL found out. They were transitioning to distance and hybrid learning, and needed a solution that would work with their existing technology for their classrooms ranging from pre-k to the 8th grade.

Michelle Kleisley, Technology Director and Specialist at All Saints, said it was important for them to find a product that allowed the interaction between teacher and student to feel the same as it would if they were in the actual classroom together. The school opted to go with a Stem Table placed on every teacher’s desk. “The addition of Stem Table has provided our students with a great way to participate both ways and for our teachers to check in with students virtually instead of everything being through an email,” Kleisley explains. With Stem Table sitting on the teacher’s desk in every classroom, “it adds a much more personal touch to the virtual learning experience because now our teachers and students are able to see and hear each other perfectly.”

Central Access Corporation

The Shure Stem Ecosystem is not only easy to use, it is also very affordable when compared to other high-end systems. Central Access Corporation, located in Ridgeland, MS, was looking for an audio solution that provided exceptional audio, could be installed by themselves, and wouldn’t blow up their budget. But the initial quotes they were receiving from different vendors were way outside their price range, with at least one quote coming in for as much as $70,000 just to update the audio in their 16-person conference room.

So Alex Manning, CTO & EVP of Central Access Corps, continued to do his research until he ultimately found Stem Audio. Manning personally installed two Stem Walls and paired them with a Stem Hub that integrated into his existing system. Manning said the entire installation took just 15 minutes! “With Stem, everything was all-inclusive. All I needed was a PoE switch and to connect it to the network. Every little feature that was provided through the ecosystem platform just made it easy to install in 15 minutes. These tools give you a sense of security to understand what you’re doing and they’re easy to use!”

See How the Shure Stem Ecosystem Can Help Your Business

You can read more about these and other successful case studies on the Stem Audio website. And if you have more questions about how Stem Audio can help you and your business, or want to see a demo of these products at our Experience Center, contact us here at Mainline Marketing!

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