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Interview With Musician, Entrepreneur, and Teacher… Rhaelee!

September 30, 2021
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Rhaelee is a musician, producer, teacher, audio engineer, and entrepreneur. And somehow she still found the time to join us on the latest episode of the Sound Connections podcast! Her career has already seen her working with Prince, KT Tunstall, Andrew McMahon, Quinn, and more. We had a blast talking all about the songs that inspired her, how she approaches her work, and what music means to her.

In addition to Rhaelee’s music career, she runs her own company Androgynous Audio. She is also a teacher, sharing her knowledge with the next generation at the First Institute in Orlando. Listen to hear how guidance from her mentor pushed her into a career setting up hydraulic staging for large concerts and music festivals, why she believes she learns from all of her students just like they are learning from her, and why Captain and Tennille holds a special place in her heart (even if love ultimately didn’t keep them together).

Rhaelee on the Sound Connections podcast

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