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April 1, 2019
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One of the reasons Allen & Heath has been a top company in the audio industry for nearly five decades is because of the company’s ability to innovate their products to fit the needs of a target audience. dLive has made professional grade live sound technologies compactly available at an affordable price. Auditoriums, churches, theatres, and other entertainment venues across the globe choose dLive as an upgrade to their once outdated installations. Touring live sound engineers from around the world swear by dLive rigs for various reasons. Keep reading to learn about three different examples of dLive rigs in action.

The Markel Auditorium at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan, upgraded to a 5.1 surround sound audio system. Cory Champion, design contractor, recommended Allen & Heath’s dLive S Class digital mixing system to make connecting to QLab convenient, and ultimately allowing better management of the theatre’s entire system from a Mac. The Markel Auditorium has a S Class S5000 surface with a Dante card, a DM48 MixRack, and three DX32 Expanders. Champion expressed his appreciation for the ability to mix from any seat in the auditorium off his iPad and the flexibility that the S5000 offers. When Champion introduced his fellow peers to the S5000 and the dLive system, they awed at its phenomenal audio clarity. Also, everyone enjoyed the console’s flexibility and ease of use.

Cory Champion mixing at the Markel Auditorium

Swedish rapper Yung Lean headlined his “Wings of Desire” show at O2 Academy in Brixton, England. FOH engineer Gustav Brunn brought along his Allen & Heath setup featuring a C1500 surface with a Waves 3 card at FOH, a CDM32 MixRack fitted with a Dante card, and an IP6 Controller at stage position. Brunn commented on how he loves dLive and the flexibility it allows you to have on the road. Following the trend of flexibility, Brunn also praised the ease of patching FX, and rearranging the order of EQ and compression to adapt to different mixing situations.

Gustav Brunn mixing Yung Lean’s at “Wings of Desire” show O2 Academy

Electronic pioneer Gary Numan made his return in late 2018 for his post-apocalyptic style tour, accompanied by Allen & Heath’s dLive system and the 16-piece Skaparis Orchestra. The S7000 was chosen as the monitoring console for the tour because it allows multiple operators to facilitate monitor mixing duties, as well as communicate to one another and the performers. Monitor system tech AJ Sutherland enjoyed being able to work with the performers on a more personal level by being able to do IEM mixing from an iPad next to the conductor.

AJ Sutherland mixing Gary Numan’s epic orchestral tour

In each of these very different scenarios, Allen & Heath was the right fit because of the flexibility the product allows the user to have. Everyone appreciated the flexibility of the routing and networking options that dLive has to offer, as well as the intuitive design that makes the system easy to operate from the start. There truly is no other digital mixing system that offers so many solutions to practically any application. It is safe to say that dLive brings together the best aspects of audio management systems and live mixing consoles to create a complete audio solution. To explore dLive, click here.

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