Power. Performance. Spectacle. Everything unforgettable rock and roll shows and events need,

Vari-Lite delivers. Since 1981, they have combined innovative engineering and a love of performance to create high-quality fixtures that help to create extraordinary experiences and emotions. Experiences that excite audiences, from the first row to the last. Smart color systems. Advanced optics. Leading features. All packaged into durable fixtures that add power and passion to the performances of artists around the world. It’s what turns a good show into a great show. A memorable tour into the stuff of legend.


Featured Product

VL10 Beam Wash

The VL10 BeamWash packs class-leading power, dynamics and personality into a compact, fast-moving body. Producing 28,000 lumens and weighing just 33kg, it’s brighter, lighter and more versatile than any comparable fixture.